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January 08, 2012

à mon année scolaire: une part

It's January now for the gajillionth time and you're probably back dragging your ass to school again. Some of you just returned from your Christmas hols and some started a whole new school year. Here's the dig: most of my readers are, by now, seniors (who are graduating on March (Filipinos); who just started their final year (Malaysians) or even college.

This is to pay tribute to my sparkly-and-sometimes-dull (loljk it's always dull because I suck) high school life. It will be divided into three posts. *drum rolls*

Junior/Senior Prom, February 2009. These are three of the twelve photos I took that night. Twelve? Are you fucking kidding me huh, self? Should've taken more but oh well.

Angelo and I. He's a soft fella. I like this photo because it shows my now-mugged gold and white gold necklace. Aaand our eyes look slitty and small and and mysterious which is a bit gay.

Timothy and Louie (an awesome artist who folded a shitty piece of paper into a speedboat) tango-ing.

A group photo that shows how much of a party girl I was that night. Re: my messy fringe that I didn't notice until I saw the photos. Ugh, my friends could've told me! You ass. Did it on purpose and probably laughed about it. Well to be honest it was a bit funny.

From left: Jullian, Cherciska (the Prom Queen), Rainy, Nicolo, Jazmine, and Shaine.

I didn't make the most of my Junior year and there aren't enough photos to post. Usually I slacked off every Wednesday because of double Chemistry and double Geometry, my own death. Lol. And there were issues back then I didn't feel like going to school so I kept flying to Singapore to visit my friends (even on School days). I regret doing that.

I messed up the chance to spend time with my classmates but what's done is done. I kinda made up for it on my senior year though.

Now I feel like doing it one in post... but there are over twenty photos in all! I won't proofread this post so there might be errors. Albeit, I don't see any telltale red marks under any words so booyeah.

Watch out for the next posts!!

And I'll probably change my layout soon. This one's boring me to hell.


  1. Looks like you had a nice time. :) It's hard to take a lot of photos when you're having fun anyway. I think your fringe looks okay, mine does that too. :P

    Hopefully this year you'll have more time with your classmates :)

  2. Thanks :) They're cruel creatures, really. When you're at home they're perfect. Fuuu fringe.

  3. I'm out of high school already :3

    Anyway, pity that the necklace got stolen. It's really pretty :D

  4. wahh, i haven't visit your blog for a while XD how are you doing? i love this green layout ^^ and i love your dress! "now-mugged"? was it stolen? heyy~ indeed, the school is back but i'm still at home waiting to be posted by the ministry to schools =.=


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