Rainy Martini

January 23, 2012

Bonne Nouvelle Année!

Happy new year everyone. I suppose some of you expected me to greet you on my blog with a banner that says Xinnian Kuai Le or something. But no, I didn't get to make a graphic because I don't have Photoshop here. *cries forever*

When my friends greeted me "Kung hei fat choi," they kept emphasizing "fat".

As usual, I've been tres bored with my life. It's not the usual bored bored. It isn't the feeling you every Sundays when you have nothing else to do.The problem is, I have too much time to think about anything. Like, what would happen if I take this course, or, should I still play this instrument or learn the guitar. I. Can't. Decide.

Then there are problems at home. I think it's kinda stupid because my mother and older brother are giving each other the silent treatment for about a week now. I mean, dude, why would you ignore someone who lives with you. I don't know if it's making them awkward or what. But thankfully things are still the same. Except for the fact that they, hohoho, don't talk to each other.

Stupid stupid.

A few nights ago, I adopted a kitten. My brother saw the poor creature getting tossed around by little kids so he took it. Then, he remembered that I had asthma so he left it about ten houses away. About two nights later, he saw the kitten sitting in front of our gate. So he took it in. It was 1 AM I think, my mother woke me up and boom.

I named it Weedle.

Then last night, my uncle brought home another homeless critter. A puppy this time. I named it Coco. It kinda looks like Sushi, except for its size and color. Sushi was coffee brown. This one resembles caramel macchiato. OH GOD I LOVE CARAMEL MACCHIATO. Iced or hot. I don't fucking mind.

I love caramel macchiato. I love caramel macchiato.

To think that the dog arrived at the exact time the fireworks started. My family is superstitious and believes in Feng Shui. But I'm open-minded and have no religion lol. Well anyway, they believe that the dog's arrival is some kind of an... an... omen. (I said "omen" with a really soft whispery voice).

(Okay my brother giggled when I typed "whisper". Whisper is a sanitary napkin brand wtf.)
(Hey bro why are you thinking of menstruation on New Year's? Dafuck.)

So that's about it. Sometimes I don't really feel like sharing personal stuff in this blog but I figured this must be the purpose this uh... blog serves.

I'm sorry for being redundant. I can't help it. Being redundant is redundant. I promise a power writing blah blah soon. I've been uninspired lately.

But fear not, for I, Rainy Martinimartini, has two new groggy compatriots!



  1. What. Xiaoyan, can't even write a properly written post nowadays? Can't spellcheck? Too bored to be creative eh?

  2. shaaaaawn i can haz noo burain okeeeey

    say hi to my udder tho


  3. happy new year to you too ^^ awww... you're an angel for adopting the kitten even though you have asthma. Weedle is such a cute name too ^^ hope you can post the pictures later XD

    blog : yeah, I guess it's too narrow for my old eyes, and I am working on a new layout tonight too~ hope you enjoy your new year break ^^

  4. Hey, happy new year! I never adopted a stranger animal before, but it sounds cool! Kung hei fat choi!

  5. I totally understand!! Hahahaha. I loooove Zayn <3 but I love Louis more. Heheh :D

  6. @Chazz oh yes I'll definitely post photos if I get a chance to snap some. <3

  7. Aww, I'd love to see a picture of Weedle and Coco.

    I have never heard of that sanitary napkin brand at all lol

  8. @Claudia LOL I'm currently in the Philippines. we have that here!

  9. @Michael hehe, I'm an animal lover/activist so... :> I wish I could adopt more though. you should really try it, it's good for the heart if you're a lover of life. ♥

  10. Stop excuses! You just plain suck :P

  11. @shawn whatever you say, gay.

  12. I want weedle now!

    I love Vanilla Latte, I love Vanilla Latte.

  13. Oh wow. Two new pets! :))

    I hate pets but I like it when they're still a pup or a kitten. Lmao.


  15. Anonymous30/1/12

    I like how you write. :) It's very amusing, without having to force humor in it. :)

  16. @Nastassia thank you dear ╰UUUU╯(that's an udder by the way.)


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