Rainy Martini

February 01, 2012


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Happy February everyone! 'Tis the month of hearts. 'Tis the month of farts. It's safe to say that I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day alone (again). Oh wait, I have my pets! So I guess I'll be rollin' in the deep with furry critters then. Oooh nice. I wish you all a good month and hopefully you can find someone to lust on. I'm not even kidding.

And sorry, sorry. I know some of you wanted to see photos of Coco and Weedle, but I don't have a camera on hand at the moment. I swear I'll post them here. I do have photos, but the quality is unforgivably low and you know what that means.

I shall now commence my foreveralone-ing!


  1. Anonymous1/2/12

    I wouldn't mind spending my Valentine with my pet! I think it would have been sweet, but alas, I'll be spending it with my boyfriend instead ;P ;D Har har!

  2. Ooooh good for you! <3

  3. *Starts to cry* Stop reminding people (i.e. me) of their forever alone-ness ;-; Blardy hell, I need a pet ;-;

    Happy February, lovely :D

  4. @Izzie oh oh of course I should. And yes you do need a new kitty ;__;

  5. Still single years after me? Woah.

  6. @Shawn a bit sian with you leh. traumatized me so i thought, 'why go into another relationship lah?' :P fucking gay

  7. I. Was just. Kidding.


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