Rainy Martini

February 07, 2012

Je suis toujours très bien.

I am okay. I feel fine. For once, I didn't have to force myself to think about anything but being okay. I mean I almost got to the point where I would rather picture myself burning my own brothers, or imagine two girls (or even men) make out. Yuck. Honestly though, anything but wishing to gain something non-existent.

But I did not get there. I mean I almost got to that road when the ground gave way two centimeters away and I fell in what I wanted to believe to be a rabbit hole. There were no rabbits though. What's a rabbit hole without rabbits rabbiting anyway!? The rabbit hole in question must have felt the pain of lacking its purpose.

It spat me out and bam. My face then had a nice, sweet skin to skin conversation with the mummy cow's udder who happened to be feeding on some yucky grass.

That's how I came back, to reality. To the reaaaal okay feeling.

Haha, I'm lying.

We're grocery shopping later so I guess that's something to be glad about. Buy ALL the Kitkat!!

Aaaand my life is currently at an intersection where the traffic is heavy and no fucking car could pass through. Pedestrians, either. The traffic better get me anywhere, because I sure as hell don't know where to go. I know, douchy and drama queen-y but that's what's happening to me right now. Trust me I'd always wanted to post something positive. Sigh.

I'm so confused.

But we're grocery shopping later. Food, Rainy, food. Food? FOOOOOOOOOD. Food is good.

Food is good.


  1. Crazy Rainy is crazy.

  2. Thinking about being okay is a good thing. I'm not sure what was going on before, but I'm glad to hear that you are fine. I think sometimes learning how to accept things is harder than just ignoring them.


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