Rainy Martini

February 04, 2012

Faim extrême

Strawberry cream, anyone?

Random pine needles, anyone?

I'm so hungry I could devour your whole refrigerator in one sitting. I'm so hungry I could devour this book I just bought in one glance. My stomach screams for food, my mind screams for words. My mouth, well, my mouth can't scream for anything because I shut it up for good. I should paint it green and sew it shut for 2 minutes and remove the stitches. Then sew it ten seconds later because I would realize there's nothing else to do with it.

Rainy you siao ah?


  1. Such beautiful photos! Talk of hunger makes me a bit hungry too... x)

  2. My heart goes Shallalalala! *clap clap clapp*

    Shallala in the mooorning

    Shallala in the sunshine~

  3. Gimme some Starbucks!!! Omonomnom :3


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