Rainy Martini

August 03, 2012

Free Color: Warm Poppy

Some of my readers have asked me how I do my photos, as much as I'd love to post a new tutorial, I can't. Not enough time, as always. So I'm giving away a free curve instead that will give an indoor photo a warm, sunny vibe.

Works best on: overcast, indoors, flash

You can download here, or click the image above! Password is: rarara

I hope you enjoy using it!


image from here


  1. I'm always on DeviantArt looking for actions. The After-picture looks much more inviting than the Before-picture.

    Definitely downloading this. ;)

  2. This is awesome. I'm a noob at photography even though i'm an art school graduate lol. I'll see how this curve works for me. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous4/8/12

    thank you! i used it and it worked so great with my profile picture, but i need to use adjustments for other photos. i guess it depends upon the photo right?

  4. Would like to start off by saying that your new blog layout is simply amazing.

    Anyway, this seems like a great curve and i'll definitely bookmark this post for future use! :-)


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