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August 07, 2012

doll scares

Most people I get to spend time with either wanted a Baby Alive or have one. I'm not sure why they find it amusing (I mean it's not like a doll haven't been installed with talking functions before). Maybe it's the poop and diaper-changing thingy. But we have real babies for that, don't we? Well anyway, I think the quality's fine, the eyes are creepy.

One night I went downstairs for a glass of water. No lights have been left on, so I had to fumble. Crickets were singing on the nearby vacant lot. Probably partying hard, I thought. As I was slowly stepping down, a soft, hearty chuckle cracked the silence. It. Was. A. Fucking. Child's laugh. Chill shot up my spine and I ran to the nearest light switch, slightly tripping on something. I drank quickly and I heard a second a laugh "Hi Mommy!".

I headed to the direction of the laugh. I discovered that the something I tripped on earlier was the doll, with its face rolled up to its side. Creepy eyes stared at me. Creepy. Grisly images of Chucky entered my mind. Then a vision of the doll's hands wiggling and giving me the finger played in my head. But I thought, what the fuck. Upon closer inspection, I realized that my cousins forgot to turn it off. There's a switch at the back that toggles the talk function.

Then I doubled over laughing, laughing. Laughing at... okay I forgot what I was laughing about. But I laughed all right. For a good ten minutes. Maybe I was in schock? Oh lolol I typed "schock" instead of "shock". Not gonna correct that typo. Bohohohoohoh.

Since then, every time the doll talks I respond with "shut up" or "screw you". And I very much prefer Caedwyn's poo than the doll's. Fucking. Creepy. Doll. No offense to Baby Alive fans ok. My best friend Nel wants one, too. Every time we go to Toys R Us she makes a beeline to the Baby Alive section. I go to Sylvanian Families and other miniature brands. Weeeeeeeh.

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  1. this is going to give me nightmares

  2. So what happens if the doll's "poo" runs out? Or does it?

  3. @Niko errr it actually goes like this: feed it, then it comes out at the other end. The doll food and diaper costs a lot imo.

  4. That doll so cute.. But it remind me chucky.. heehe

  5. That is a very expensive doll to maintain. Mas mura pa yata ang Tamagotchi. Or Yakult, pakain mo...

  6. @Niko noooo! BJDs are way, waaay more expensive.

  7. I'm so glad other people think these dolls are creepy! They freak me out, maybe its the expression on their faces...i'm not sure haha



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