Rainy Martini

August 13, 2012

overnight at Kate's!

I went out with my mother today! I\m tired, blogging is one of my ways to unwind.

I spent half of my weekend laughing and gossiping with my girl friends! After the rain had subsided, Nel asked me out. I wanted to refuse because I was broke at the time but she pointed out that we haven't seen each other for a while. Kate is another story. I think the last time I saw her was.... last year? *sobs*

All is well now though. We ate a lot and watched this documentary called Supersize Me and some episodes of Skins (the UK version looool) as well. Gooooosh Tony is so hot. HIS EYES OMG. *clears throat*

We bunked at Kate's living room. After dinner, I threw my plate into the sink and ran to the laptop to chat with Izzie to escape the chore. The two gossed for a while, and I was thankful I sashayed out of their sight because the topic was love. Then we started watching.

We slept at around three A.M. I was the first to fall asleep, and obviously the first to rise. I always wake up come sunrise no matter how late I sleep by the way. It was up to me to think of a way to amuse myself while I watched them in their slumber.

I wandered around ransacking the house (as you can see on the photos) and found a pretty hairclip topped with mini roses. I wore it but it didn't suit my wild morning hair and equally wild face. Breakfast, hmm, noodles and a bun filled with choco-hazelnut-n-cream spread.


*lightbulb* The camera I used was Kate's HP... ok I can't remember the model but it was certainly an HP.

And oh, I now have 420 followers! Thank you so much guys for reading my blog!


  1. Lucky! You got to have fun with you friends. i miss sleepovers ><
    Mmm, sundae... and I like that coffee cup by the way. Chic :D

  2. Yoanna14/8/12

    sometimes you blog so beautifully, i'm not saying this post is crap, but i'm glad it shows how true to your words you are for being honest and free-spirited.

  3. It is so much fun being with friends. I love my friends so much. They are my personal treasures. :)

  4. HP camera? I have one, and it's relatively crappy for me. But maybe it's because it's a freebie off the laptop I just bought.

  5. Nice move Shalla, throw your plate in the sink and went off to chat.
    That was hella funny! hahaha!
    *dream bubble* Maybe I should do that. *poof*
    Seems that you guys have so much fun!! The strawberry sundae makes me hungry.. *rubbing tummy* (fasting month craving)


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