Rainy Martini

August 06, 2012

happy birthday mommy

Your wavy hair surrounding your heart-shaped face reminds me of a lion's mane. Sometimes your choice of hair color looks the part. It doesn't grow past your shoulders these days, like mine. But when you were young it fell to your waist. It was straight. You blamed hair-curling for the mysterious wave. I've always had the chance to scrutinize the details of your face. I am torn between fierce and soft. Your exquisite eyebrows are thick and rich, unlike mine. Your lips are always coated in red hues, and not a single day has passed without a cigarette on it. I've always hated smoking, but in your defense, you never had any back to lean on. At 45, you look much, much better than you did on your younger years. Of course your cheekbones were higher then, but I very much prefer the face I had always known. Everybody can find you seated on your favorite chair every morning before dawn, cigarette in hand, staring at nothing. And thinking. You embrace the silence, the calm before your little trumpets wake up, because when they do you somehow lose your inner voice. Lost in the noise. Faded in the background. I had learned how to appreciate the absence of sound because of you. I thrive in it, just like you. My friends find you cool, other parents think you're not strict enough. I think you're open-minded and generous. Thank you for providing me the freedom I never thought I would need and deserve. I don't know how you did it but you somehow managed to cloth and feed and educate us all by yourself. As the eldest daughter, I feel it is my job to help you nurture the minds of my 4 younger siblings. I do not want to fail you. Happy birthday! All 6 of us love you.


  1. For some reason, that little 'your comment has been posted'box appeared yet I had not posted a comment. I had your blog opened in a new tab and was doing something else. Odd.

    Anywho, this is an absolutely lovely post. Happy birthday to your mum! I hope she has a great day and you spoil her. Mothers are truly the most special human beings around. :)

  2. Happy birthday to Stephanie! You're not the only one who loves the woman.

  3. Happy happy birthday to your dear and super charming mother! I spent lots of good time in the Philippines and SG with you guys. I fedexed her a gift!

  4. Thank you guys !



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