Rainy Martini

August 09, 2012

storm is the new norm

Ooh! If you live in the Philippines you can perfectly guess what I'm gonna blog about tonight. If not then, hehehe. It was very tragic, I honestly feel guilty about typing "hehehe" a few seconds ago. (But you know me, once written, I rarely edit out words so bah. Bah.)

Two days ago, around 4 AM, it started to pour hard. Sheets of rain terrorized the streets, causing a huge wave of flood. I could have sworn that the raindrops wore clogs, the sound of the rain-roof impact was that hard. "Sssssssshhhhh" it went on and on. Don't you dare shush me you stupid monsoon rain was all I could say because the floodwater started entering our house by then.

The result was an ankle-deep puddle in the living room, and waist-deep outside the gate. The color was a cross between green and brown. Imagine a painting of a tree gone wrong. My neighbors who live down the road had the worst, I think most of their stuff got soaked. The first things I saved were my books, I can't let my collection drown!

I was appalled when I learned that it wasn't even a real typhoon. Just a monsoon rain! It dwarfed the previous typhoons that had come. I mean they were official, but they never reached my door.

People started evacuating, they inflated floating rings and airbeds (woah I should totally get one from the annoying shopping channel, might come in handy someday lol). My 15-year-old brother took his diving board out and had his friend pull him around, yelling "Hellooooo Philippines!!" while passing our window. My sister folded out some paperboats, I took a photo of one but I'm not gonna show it here because it looked crappy, and I almost dropped the phone while taking that one! Not worth it. It's on my Instagram though.

You can see the aerial view here on this Yahoo! article. It's a must-see!

I doodled unconsciously, drank coke, wrote poems and listened as the thunder boomed. The rain was bipolar, it was as if someone had a remote control and was playfully turning the switch on and off.

We ate spaghetti, leftover from my mother's birthday celebration and drank lots of red iced tea.

As to why I sound cheerful, I don't know. I mean, I'm not sure why. Our home looks extremely immaculate now with all that mud, and I still have to figure out where to sleep because there's no decent place where I can sit or lie down freely. Eating became a chore, so did making coffee.

Maybe it's because of how the people around me took it.

I was sitting by the window reading a poem (see first set of photos above) and I witnessed the people who passed. They were chattering. And the strong men were guffawing with laughter. "HEY DON'T LET YOUR BALLS GET WET," "I think I dropped my briefs," "AIRBED PARTEEEEEY!!". And not to mention my brother, who seemed to think he was on the beach.

The sight was very warming and altogether inspiring. I think people should try and see light in this, too.

Have a good night! And and and Nel is kinda forcing me to go with the rest of the clique tomorrow. Not sure, I'm in charge with Caedwyn-care. I wish I could come though, but what about the baby! Oohohoho look at him on the last set, furious about the powerless computer. He wanted to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse loooool.

I feel lucky I got to photograph it.



  1. @Shawn so that's all you can say after all the words that I had typed..!? LOL.

  2. I love your header, it has an earthy feel :D
    I haven't eaten spaghetti in ages, kind miss it.
    I second the airbed paty!!! >:D

  3. I read about the crazy rain in the news. I would be shattered if my house was covered in mud, so kudos to you for keeping it positive!

  4. It's interesting to read your blog post after reading another that was a bit on the opposite side concerning the floods and rain in the Philippines (by a fellow Filipino blogger who lives there).

    I guess I can see another side to the whole horrible weather situation over there, but the deaths and other bad things are hard to ignore.

  5. This is late, but I was going through your blog (which I will now stalk from time to time, thank you very much!) and I adore this post! I like how you were so cheery and positive, despite the trying times in the Philippines. I have relatives over there, but I haven't really been closely following up on the whole situation (my mom seems to opt out from watching TV Patrol now and focuses all her time on Facebook -_-) but I do know that it's tough.

    But seriously. This post is so heartwarming, and despite the conditions that people like you are in, you can still feel that sense of camaraderie and positivity in every Filipino. You're an awesome blogger, by the way!

  6. @Angela TT____TT thank you so much!!


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