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August 28, 2012

The Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of the Snark (An Agony if Eight Fits) is one of my all-time favorite Carroll works. My most favorite being the super obvious Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I'd first read the whole poem when my late father gave me a handwritten copy to read one summer day.

I was 6, and I probably made a "dafuq did i just read meme" face after that. I never really knew what it meant, although "It was a boojum!" became stuck in my head.

It became my chant. A random noise happens at night, it was a boojum. I didn't hear what my mother said, it was a boojum, then.  For me, everything unknown is and was a boojum.

Oooh Lewis, thank you for the word.

Years later, I found the poem published in a somewhat newer edition (for me, at least) sitting on my friend Carle's desk. I think he bought it out of curiosity and it was left untouched until I went to borrow it.

This one has an introduction by Martin Gardner, with illustrations by Henry Holiday and a bunch of footnotes. Kneenotes, if you consider the length. The illustrations are equally whimsical, and I never knew of their existence! I wish I could blame my dad for missing out on that.

And now I know every line by heart. An amazing poem dedicated to Gertrude Chataway (one of Carroll's best child friends) is included, too.

I'm out of words. Oh if you could see my face right now! I HAVE A FREAKING STY ON MY RIGHT EYE. If anyone asks I say "cockroach bite" because they'd mock me with "OOH HAVE YOU BEEN PEEKING IN THE SHOWER?". Urrrgh it hurts like hell, and this morning I had an eyelash plucked because the elders kept saying that it will help relieve the swelling.

Is it even scientific? Whatever, bye bye sweet eyelash.

I have some news coming up!!! Ta ta for now dudes.


  1. "But I was peeking at myself! In the mirror!"

    I shouldn't have said that.

  2. that book looks bloody interesting. and when i get enough money for shipping i'll send you the notebook. i don't have any owls, neither is my throwing very good so :-)

  3. Your comment area lah so boring without me.

  4. I was being bloody serious :-o

  5. Is it wrong of me to think this is cute?



  6. I didn't really like reading book, haha
    but love the poem <3
    i hope your eyes will recover soon !!


  7. Cool post!

  8. Not only the Snark poem, but also the Carroll's dedication to Gertrude Chataway and the Easter greetint is here: http://www.snarkdown.de/snarkhunt/

    Regards from Munich


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