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August 17, 2012

Photo spam, Sihae fanmeet, ugh

Hello darlings! I got over 20 acceptable photos coming for you. Last August 15, I went to a fanmeet at Trinoma, the SiHae one. Initially, I didn't plan to go, but my very stubbornpersuasiveamazing best friend persuaded me by pointing out that they'd be bringing a Canon DSLR with a 200mm zoom lens! I don't have experience with zoom lenses yet, and it's been a while since I last held an SLR so I said fuck yeah I'm so gonna go. The problem was, I didn't know how to commute, and a storm was trolling the ground.

I left at around 9 AM. It started pouring around the time I stepped out of the first vehicle I rode! Situation was, I wasn't wearing any glasses (I have a very bad eyesight and I hate doing anything to aid it) so I couldn't read the signs on the fucking buses that passed. Plus, I didn't know which one to ride lol so I kept asking around, and they gave different directions wtf.

Despite the hard rain and my nonexistent sense of direction, I made it! I had a very long walk, though. And I bumped my head while getting off the bus.

When I arrived, I found out that the schedule wasn't due until around 5 PM. SO WE WERE LIKE 7 HOURS EARLY WTF. Anyway, the camera was in my hands in no time and bam, I had a nearly good day.

Only 11 AM, the crowd was growing.

Mealtime! Taco Bell and Jollibee. Nel didn't want to eat any fastfood after watching Supersize Me. But ate anyway. Bah.

Oh! It was sooo boring, I'm telling you! We planned to save a place but it didn't happen because we ended up walking around the mall. And the best thing that happened to me, in my opinion, was the cocoa with rock salt and cheese drink that I ordered in Happy Lemon.

Then more walking, walking. Window shopping, walking. Book browsing, walking.

Then we went out to the garden at the topmost floor and snapped some photos.

Walk, walk, walk walk. Window shopping, food, walk. I didn't take any more photos because we wanted to save the battery. To be honest I don't know how we lasted, I mean the wait was terrible. And we kept getting false alarms because the fangirls kept squealing every time the song changed. I mean wtf. It was my first time attending that kind of event so I wasn't prepared for everything that happened afterwards.

So the idols came out. Earlier, Nel and I planned to shoot photos while riding the escalator. We were so proud of the plan we thought was unique. Hahaha. It was, after all, the first time we did something like that.

Plan failed. The crowd thickened in less than a minute, and we gave up. Just like that. Janine, who was with us that day, managed to get into the VIP area with her friends because they've got stubs or something. We would've been there, too. If we didn't retreat to the karaoke room and sang ridiculous songs.

We rode the escalator. We wanted just a few photos to justify our efforts. A lot of fangirls crammed into the freaking escalator before we knew it and the guards stopped it. We were somewhere in the middle, and the fans below kept pushing us up, the fans above wanted to go down. It was almost a stampede! A kid got stuck in between and there was screaming wtf. Chaotic. I couldn't believe what was happening wtf. Then a girl pulled my hair, I would've ignored it but it freaking hurt. So I did what I didn't know I could do... I STEPPED ON HER. Have you seen the shoes I was wearing on the almost-full-body photo above?

Ah, the pain. Go figure. I really really really shocked myself because I don't believe in physical violence! Yes, I cuss a lot but that's it. I do it for fun (and use them as adjectives bwahahaha). I had never engaged myself in a physical fight or anything similar. And I thought I was gonna die in the escalator. Eventually we made it out almost unharmed. I don't know what happened to the rest of my friends lol. We just complained and vowed to never attend such an event again.

Wait, wait. OMG SIWON. OMGGGGGG. I don't fangirl over male groups but I really like Siwon.

I didn't see him for much longer than ten seconds though. And my eyes loooool. I never had a proper view. Wtf.

This is how 1/4 of the crowd looked like on the first floor. And there were floors above. I've there were a total of 25k+ fans that day! Woah.

After dinner, I agreed to sleepover at my friends' house. The taxi home was frustrating. It took us an hour to get a cab that would properly take us home. I slept there and arranged these photos the next day while watching and eating.

What a long post! I knooow I sound so vague here. I dun care hohoho. Janine lent me two books and I'm gonna blog about them, too.

If you stayed and read until this sentence, then thank you so much.

About the giveaway, I'm still not sure when it will be! And besides, I still don't know what kind of prize I should get for you. Any ideas?

Bye bye!


  1. This oddly reminds me of a similar experience I had. (Actually, this is a foolish attempt to plug my blog.)

  2. I think we should bitch slap the girl who pulled your pretty hair.

  3. Anonymous17/8/12

    I think your errand is an epic fail! lol.

  4. @anon True.

    @Shawn you weren't there lol

  5. I know I should probably be sympathizing, but this post made me laugh xD Espeacially the part where you said a girl pulled your hair and you stepped on her. I own a pair of wedge sandals too. Mine's beige in color though cause it was bought by my cousin who has a thing for beige, cream and brown. Looked like one heck of a crazy event. I like the 5th and 6th photo. I've never done a giveaway before so I'm not sure but maybe you should do a survey thingy to see what your readers want?

    sounded like so much fun~ ♥

  7. Anonymous18/8/12

    OMG! I know that girl! She's teamans on tumblr right? I can't believe you're best friends!!!

  8. Sadly, I wasn't. But hey, how about virtual bitch slap. You wanna? Herh.

  9. You are gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time:)

  10. Thanks for dropping by!

    I went to the Philippines last year and I went to the Trinoma, but I'm not sure which one. It's such a huge, crowded mall! But also really cool.

    That girl deserved to be stepped on. They're like caged animals on the loose.

  11. hi! i'm good thanks :) how about you? ^_^

  12. Oooh!SuJu! <3 It was in the news, I've read about it. Like 25k fans, what a crowd. Good thing you still had a great time with your bff :)) Love the tea photos by the way. Looked like it's from a film camera. <3

  13. Hey guys! Thank you for the comments :)

  14. Omg, she pulled your hair?!
    Omg, you stepped on her?!
    Omg, this post is hilarious!
    Omg, SIWON!!!!!!
    Omg, Canon with 200mm zoom lens!
    Omg, what an event..
    Omg, I'm fangirling alone, quietly..

  15. Anonymous25/8/12


  16. this is like the photo editor iphone use to have! nice!


  17. I really like your photographs ! Thanks for your comment by the way. C, x.


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