Rainy Martini

July 28, 2012

jeeb jeeb II

Not enough time.

I don't know why I called these posts "jeeb jeeb". It's probably what I was hearing in my head at the time. Think: Roadrunner. But it goes "beep beep".

Oh well.

FINE. A photo of me and my best friend, Janelle. That's me, face half-hidden. Heehee.

Then I went to sleepover at Janine and Janelle's mother's house! By the time we made our exit, it was already 10 and I had no intention of going back to my annoying house lol. (Caedwyn is an exception, I missed him while I was away!)

I Skype-ed with Izzie while eating.

This is a crinkle. Just so you know.

The poor bird couldn't fly. I hope they already set it free. I love birds by the way.

I went home after taking some final photos.

Sorry for spamming, this is my way of making up to you. I still can't go online much. Busy, busy. Problems at home, problems with mostly anything.

Have a good night everyone.


  1. omg you so prettyyyy! plus i LOVELOVELOVE YOUR THE SCRIPT WRISTBAND THING

  2. Those marshmallows looks so cute wan ;o

  3. These photos are great; I can just imagine you walking around everywhere with a camera dangling off your neck, livin' the creative dream life.

    Hope these problems fade out !

  4. I almost died looking at your face. *dies*

  5. Ahhhhhh I love your cursor! So cute :D

  6. Thank you guys!

    @shawn o0o

    @richard thanks. I don't think anyone really notices it lol.

    @jess T___T I wish! maybe one of these days I'll get to have my own cam.

  7. Wow, such delicious snacks and food! ^_^


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