Rainy Martini

February 01, 2013

Rainy makes it

Yes. I did make it to the pages of a legitimate photography collective. Published worldwide!

A Day is a worldwide photography project:
On May 15 2012, Aday.org asked people around the world to pick up their cameras to photograph daily life. Bringing together thousands of both amateur and professional photographers, the project mirrors how we lead our everyday lives in 2012. The resulting collection is a unique document of what really lies close to us and how photography connects us.
I was just randomly surfing the internet two days before 15th of May (the 13th, obviously) when I stumbled upon a tweet. My mind went "oooh, a project? I WANNA BE A PART OF IT WTF." I really did think of those words, the WTF included. Although I said "whaddufock", not W-T-F.

One August day I received an e-mail:

We are happy to inform you that one of your pictures has been selected by the
international selection panel of ADay.org for inclusion in the book A
Day in the World.  

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was squealing! And jumping. I couldn't believe that a cameraless me will get published in a photography book! I'm not quite new to the feeling of... you know? Getting featured or blah. Getting my poems published is one thing, but a PHOTO? A photo oh my goodness. And I didn't even have my own device. I still don't. I'm still determined to buy myself my own.

A Day in the World is a compilation of images from Aday.org. This 512-page book is a remarkable journey around our planet. Almost a 100.000 pictures from more than 160 countries were submitted to Aday.org and the thousand best have been selected for this book by an international panel of photo editors. The result is a unique tale of life on earth in one day, a visually spellbinding record of our time.

ONE THOUSAND BEST! My derpy photo made it.

Annoying though because my big brother was being a dope and told me to shut up while I was celebrating alone. Then his girlfriend came to the rescue by saying "you're just jealous".

Here are some of the photos that I also took that day. Some have already been published before (see my May archives).

Soooo... what do you think?

I will be busy next week, what with my nightly training schedule and everything.

Have a great weekend! And it's a sincere wish. I swear I will not wish for something heinous tonight. Like wishing for you discovering a mole inside your nose or something.

I sound swoony because I'm still in cloud nine, and don't burst my bubble because I will forking fork you.

Good night.


  1. Anonymous2/2/13

    Congratulations and a big hug! :3 Love your photos, always.

  2. Nice picture :)

  3. Anonymous2/2/13


  4. Congratulations! What an amazing thing to be part of something like that!


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