Rainy Martini

February 10, 2013

Outings, Outings

Hi! Gah, it's been almost a week! So uh, did you like my previous post? Heehee. I've been busy with training lately. My schedule's from 10 PM to 6 AM. Yes, night training. Hence my groggy musings. Warning: this is possibly the most perfunctory post that you'll find here. Unless I write a more apathetic one. Sigh. Ah, Rainy. No grace in blogging. No grace at all.

Have you read my "about" section? I kind of said that I'm proud to be a night person.

Night person your face, Rainy.

Every night I fought so hard to keep my eyes peeled, because I was supposed to learn every bit of information our facilitator shared. I really was a night person, though. I used to stay up until 6 or 7 in the morning, either painting or coding a layout. But now... I have no idea what caused the change though. Suddenly I'm an asleep-at-ten person. And it's not helping at all. I'm not in the mood for anything. My head still hurts. I need more sleep. I tried lulling myself to sleep but my body said no. So no.

I went out with my best friends during the past weeks. No we weren't able to gather as a group, but I'm glad I saw them anyway. Our schedules do not match anymore. How I miss those golden high school days when we used to hang out after class, eating Century Tuna and corned beef.

This is Nel! Did you miss seeing her here? Ha ha. I think this was around twelve days ago, when I suddenly asked her out for some milk tea. I bribed her by saying "my treat". Lol.

"Let's go to a bar!" why not?

We ordered cosmopolitan. And the bar hahahahaha the bar serves cocktail pitchers so we ordered a liter. There was only the two of us. IMAGINE OUR SUFFERING. We were so trashed by the end of the night.

Yeah, I wish I drank from a sexy-looking cocktail glass but no, the bartender said no.

This is Kate! We went to SM Marikina to eat and make fun inside the department store's toy section. And nope, I didn't wear that pink leopard kitty hairband the whole day. I unknowingly did for a few hours though, and some people shot weird glances at me. Ha ha ha. I honestly didn't know why until I realized that I was still wearing the stupid hairband. Oh well. It was during a camwhoring section, I think.

Compare the first photos of me to these. I did gain a lot of weight, didn't I:?

I should feel bad, but there's no choice. I mean, the only thing that could keep me up during those harsh training nights was coffee. There is a coffee bar inside the building. You can find various blends and drink them for free. The creamer is ultra fattening. Thus the weight gain. I know!! Maybe I should bring my own creamer.

This is Carle! Oh my. Oh my. I hadn't seen him for a loooooooong time. The meetup was pretty random because I suddenly got a call from him. So yeah, we met inside Gateway Mall (or idk, is that even the mall's full name? Gateway S. Mall, or something. Mr. Gateway.. LOLRAINYYOURJOKESARELAME.)

I had fun. Gahd, I miss the times when we just talked about our favorite girl groups and just laughed. Laughed. He treated me some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. It was funny because.... hahahahha. When we paid for our purchase, the cashier gave us free original glazed doughnuts... which went straight to Carle's mouth. STRAIGHT TO CARLE'S MOUTH. After receiving the doughnut HE JUST ATE IT.

Like, whatever happened to putting it on the tray and finding a place to sit first before eating?

I don't know why I find it funny.

Anyway, we decided that the doughnuts were from the previous day's batch, that's why it was for free. Wtf.

More training days ahead! I wish to stay awake. I wish to stay awake.


  1. If I receive a free original glaze donut, I would become like Carle. Lol! Let your hair free, you are pretty!

  2. Anonymous10/2/13

    Tqa is right, Rainy. Let us see your face!

  3. Love the pretty pink hair band. People just stared because they couldn't really carry the kitty headband-look at all. :)

    (Love the way you write)

  4. Marty10/2/13


  5. I honestly didn't know how would I comment on your previous post so I ended up not commenting anything. Hahaha. This one looks so Rainy though so I think it's safe. Hahaha.

    I think your change in sleeping habits is a good thing. At least you've lessen your chances of a cockroach encounter. Haha.


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