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February 21, 2013

Tutorial: Cookie-Cutting in Photoshop

Hi guys! I'm back with a new tutorial!! The last time I posted one was... last August 2012? Wow. That long huh? And to think that some people are following me because of it. Wah. Love your readers, Rainy.

So today's tutorial is all about *dundundun* I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU CALL IT. WTF. WTF. I mean I do know but... I forgot. Looooool. I mean I forgot what you call this simple process of... cookie-cutting in Photoshop.

This tutorial was suggested by Addie on Twitter!

Like the ones in the graphic below!! If you've been visiting me for quite a while now, you might have noticed how often I do something like that. So if you don't know how to do it, this tutorial is for you.

But if you're like, "DAFUQ THIS IS SO SIMPLE I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS" or "RAINY PLEASE YOU CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED" then please scram away. Seriously. I hate it when I post tutorials and some are like "bleeh damn easy". I mean, just shut up. I'm doing it for my friends who need to know how. Not you you you.

Also, you can click on the screencaps for the full-size view.

STEP 1 (aka the hardest step):

Open an image in Photoshop!! Wtf.

STEP 2 (now this is where you listen, or read closely):

You can go ahead and edit your image however you like (like maybe change the curves and add some filters), and when you're satisfied with the effect, press Q. It's the shortcut for the Quick Mask mode. Don't press anything yet.

Then, click the Custom Shape Tool from your toolbox, which is usually found on the left side of your workspace. Alternatively, you can just press U. Then choose whichever shape you want. You can also use a brush if you want to. I used the heart one because I'm in love. Haha.

STEP 3 (you know how to use a Shape tool right?):

Click and drag! Oh my, how do I explain this step...

Well, you just click anywhere on the photo and drag the mouse to adjust the shape size. It should have that red mask thingy. And make sure to select the parts of the image that you want to appear on your shape.

STEP 4 (the ant festival):

After covering the areas on the image that you want to appear in your shape, press Q again to exit Quick Mask mode. You should see some dancing ants across your photo.

I'm sorry but I forgot to include a tip if you prefer having a transparent background. If you're using an image in JPEG format, you should convert it first. To do this, double click on the layer called Background and just press enter. Just like in the screencap.

STEP 5 (more marching ants):

Do you see marching ants on the corners of your image? If not, press ALT + CTRL + I (or Select Inverse).

If you see the "ants" surround your photo then there's no need for you to press.

STEP 6 (another hard part wtf):

Almost done! Now all you have to do is remove the unwanted parts. To do so, just press Delete on your keyboard! Tadaaaaaaah!

Now you can drag your newly-shaped image around and use it to make your own blog header, icons, et cetera.

Yes, I know. I can't help it. Even my tutorials sound so Rainy.

I did everything to make it comprehensive though. Just follow the steps and disregard some of my annoying fillers and you'll do fine.


And if you have any questions you can always ask me on Twitter or Ask.fm.


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