Rainy Martini

February 24, 2013

clown nose, screening

Went to SM Megamall about a week ago before my nightly training to watch the press screening of this indie movie called Iliw; starring Kaye Abad, Ping Medina and this Japanese actor. I really like him lol but I can't remember his name.

Gotta admit that the movie has a very interesting plot but... meh.

Look, Scrump has a companion! Or a friend! Or... or a meal!

Aww yisss, I finally got round to messing around with the Whipple kit Niko gave me last Feb 14.

The movie tickets! Niko's friend was the one who invited him to come, actually. I just tagged along because he had two tickets. Looool.

Must... do... clown nose... before... dinnerrrr...

Clown... nose.... fail.

I failed.


  1. Anonymous24/2/13


  2. are you the same anon who comments on my posts lol

  3. Hiroyuki Takashima, hun. If you'd click on the link you posted you'd know, but you're drooling, so... AVERT YOUR EYES. HUHUHUHU

  4. Anonymous24/2/13


  5. I honestly don't mind you posting about your day outs with your boyfriend. You post good photos anyways and you look as if you two have fun and enjoy each other's company. I don't know about those losers, just don't mind them, Xiao Yan. This is your blog. Like you said, they think they can interfere with your business just because you run a personal public photoblog or whatever. I don't see the point. Just post whatever you like, honey.

    PS, you look so stressed.

  6. You and Shawn should start talking again. What is this bullshit of fighting? What about years of friendship? Shawn you better apologize. If you're reading this, apologize. To our friend.

  7. Very cute crepe keychain c: xx

  8. @Irina yeah I get you. It's not much of a big deal anyways. Like, we have our own opinions, so why shouldn't they have their own too right? HA.

    Ok uhhh... it's not as easy as you think.


  9. wooooow , your blog is so nice and you are so beautiful
    i likeeeeeeee ! (: and i follow you now, maybe you follow me back,
    if you like my blog to ? (: ♥

  10. Anonymous26/2/13

    bao bei, wo men qu yue hui bah <3


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