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June 08, 2012

Hold My Summer II


This is the second part of my outing with Janine! You can read the first post here.

So, after seeing and touching Mr. Somerholder's flesh (I don't wanna start with the story because I'll feel all giggly and fangirly again but I don't feel like annoying you right now so...) we ate at some restaurant (where else!). I didn't get to take a photo of the food we demolished because we immediately wolfed it down but I'm telling you...

It was a lot.

I ate five servings of rice, a HUMONGOUS piece of chicken and five glasses of coke. Dream come true for me. The coke part, I mean. The weather was sweltering hot of course. I've read somewhere that ladies tend to eat more when they're in a group. I'm not a big eater. Wow.

The two of us walked around and browsed through different bookstores. We also bought a few books and ate while we were at it.

Innocent-looking Scrump posing on a Fully Booked shelf. Cameras aren't allowed inside, are they? I remember when my friends and I went to Powerbooks on my 15th birthday and the security guard had forbidden us to take photos. He never said anything about not taking it out though.

It tickles me to think that I had somehow broken some rules. I took a photo of Scrump and no one noticed. I think back to all the lightly rebellious stuff I did at school...

Once I had superglued a ten peso coin on the girl's bathroom floor and someone broke a nail. They never found the culprit but I felt guilty afterwards because that girl was a fellow pianist and we used to hang out after our music classes.

I timed my suspension so I would miss the dreaded Physics long exam. In our school, if you get late for... oh wait I can't remember. But yeah I've been late for more than 15 times... or, I think it was less. 5? Wait let me ask Marion.

Oh god he's not responding. Well anyway, you'll get suspended. Sadly, suspension in my old school meant community service. So we watered the plants and took care of the prom stuff like invitations, decorations while my freaking classmates suffered under our Physics teacher. I used to pass by our classroom and taunt my best friends. And when I made their invitation, I GLUED THE ENVELOPE.

I'm so awesome omg. I'm not saying you should do the stuff I did because trust me, it's not right. But sometimes, when you think back to all the idiotic stuff you subconsciously committed, it's worth a laugh. And what's better than saving memories that you can use every time you feel like the world is throwing you off like a stone?

I like glue ok.

I had always wanted to read this. I'm a huge fan of Ahern! This has been out for years. Omg embarrassing.

Ghostgirl!! Pretty book, haven't read yet. Will read soon. Saving for later. I'm a fast reader.

LOL this. Janine bought a March(?) issue of Vanity Fair because Jennifer Lawrence was in the cover. She was excited until the pages were flipped. There were only like 2 pages that showed a small photo of her and Janine was probably expecting an article/interview. I forgot to tell her that it was Vanity Fair. You know, Vanity Fair.

I'M AN ELF TOO. Since 2008! I only knew Siwon then because I'm more of a girl group fan until Nel also became one and introduced me to the rest of the members.

A yuri manga. I remembered Ryuzaki when I saw this!

(Ryu: LMFAO ALTHOUGH IT WAS A YAOI, WASN'T IT? Oh god I love private jokes.)

AND THE FUNNIEST OF ALL... (for the two of us)

A Tagalog version of Twilight.

What's funny? WE HONESTLY THOUGHT EDWARD WAS GOING TO BE EDWARDO! if you're a Filipino, you get the humor behind it. And we were lol-ing and trolling. I was relieved when I saw that it was in Taglish and the name was safe. Edward. One less reason to mock. I'm actually tired of taunting the Twilight series.

The best-ish photos are reserved for part 3!

344 followers! I'm quite happy to know that people read me and my messed-up words. Thank you guys ♥

LMFAO my Facebook page has only 60 likes. I created it so I can put it under my Work area. So my profile says "Your Highness at Rainy Martini" or other shit.

And yeah, if you wanna talk to me, you can. On twitter! I like talking to people.

Why am I promoting my accounts though... -.-

See ya soon!


  1. Anonymous8/6/12

    you're quite funny!

  2. ohlewrd. HAHAHAHAHA. I'll give you more glues if you want.
    The glued ten peso coin was the best. Lmaoooo.
    Zomg. You're funnier that I thought!
    Oh gurrrrrrrrrl, Siwon!!! The great Shisus of your life.
    Is that the Mr. Simple album or...
    Edwardooooooooooo! HAHAHAHAHA pmsl!



  4. You and your pranks. Tsk. I would've found it a little lame if it wasn't for the blood. LOL.

  5. I've read The Book of Tomorrow a few years ago. It's...okay.
    What is up with you and glue? :O

  6. I was gonna make a smart comment but...
    dskjdvkdjanvknvbvsdbvj&$Y@($*@^!!!! <-- too jealous to make sense
    "And when I made their invitation, I GLUED THE ENVELOPE." I do that too! xDD Ah, the memories~

  7. ---RE---
    Yes I do! Omnomnom!

    . 12 O'Clock Bell Rings, it's not scary but I do like the art, kinda... gothic? I dunno.
    . Mirai Nikki, not sure if this fits the horror category but it can be pretty gory and twisted.
    . Vassalord, art style subjected to personal preferences
    . Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, I really liked the novel so when the manga came out I was thrilled to bits. Honestly, the novel is better but that's not to say the manga isn't good, I actually like the manga a lot and the manga isn't EXACTLY THE SAME as the novel which is a good thing in a way.
    . Nemureru Tsuki, I admit this is more Yaoi than horro (YAOI FOR THE WIN) but the story is not bad. (there are two parts that I find a little disappointing but I won't spoil it for you)
    . Shingeki no Kyojin, okay, the art isn't great and the characters aren't that interesting but for some reason I can't stop reading this so you can give it a try.
    . Dorohedoro, don't really like the artwork but story is pretty fresh and not too cliche
    . Pet Shop of Horrors, this manga is quite popular so you might have heard of it before
    . Hyakki Yakoushou, has a 'Natsume Yuujinchou' feel to it, maybe it's because the art style is somewhat similar. (If you haven't read Natsume Yuujinchou, GOREADITITISAWESOME!!)
    . Gantz, not bad, a little sad at some parts, and some parts make me want to skewer the author but all in all, pretty good story to read.
    . Elfen Lied, instead of horror, I would describe this as fucked up but anyway, enjoy :D
    . Doubt by Tonogai Yoshiki, and the sequel, 'Judge', it's about a game and it's kinda freaky.
    . Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni, more twisted than horror but I'll recommend it anyway
    . Kijin Gahou sick, strange, twisted, damn creepy and just plain WEIRD.
    . School Days, crazier than blowing things up followed by maniacal laughter.

  8. I bought one back issue of Vanity Fair once (Amy Adams on the cover) and was disappointed because it was so fluffy.

  9. Charina8/6/12

    noooooo! you and me mocking Twilight is the funniest thing ever happened to me. don't stop. haha!

  10. lmfao!gluing your friends' invitation?! I wouldnt have thought of that.You need to give me more prank ideas.
    I gotta learn from you,you seem like a veteran xD

  11. I love breaking rules too.I actually hate rules and prefer doing what they don't want us to do. Haha Great job on bringing the camera in and being able to take awesome photos :)

    I hate yuri manga but I love yaoi manga :))

    Btw, I love your layout. So pretty lah!

  12. omg you are so like me. I love taking photos in the bookstore but so far I never get caught. I love Siwon too but he's yours.. I get it. LOL ^^
    And that little scrump! It so cute!
    Its been a while since I last bought a book :(

  13. A tagalog version of Twilight, really? Lol. Not a fan, but that's hilarious! And Edwardo!! Hahaha.


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