Rainy Martini

June 23, 2012

give me a pen and I'll...

...show you my messy handwriting.

I had a very weird dream. It had rabbits like Miffy and bigger, uglier ones who were invading the forest. Miffies ran and uglies took over. But an apple tree grew. I sprung from it. Uglies went to ride the roller coaster I built and died.

New ideas are invading my head. At the moment I'm planning to create stuff and build my own online business. Who knows, who knows.

Finally, I recommend this book called Kira-kira by Cynthia Kadohata. If you have a dream, and a loved one.


  1. Looks typically girly. Not complaining though. At least you're not male; we have messy handwriting.*

    (* Except me. For some reason mine isn't.)

  2. Heyyyy ! I've read Kira-Kira too ! I'm such a big fan of that book, hehe ^^

  3. OMG your domain <3 omg your layout <3. I sound stupid don't I? Cute handwriting!

    Sincerely, Eddie

  4. Your handwriting is gorgeous *_*
    ♥ love your new domain ♥

  5. The onigiri is so cute ^_^
    And you're handwriting isn't messy!
    You should look at mine and then you'll see messy xD

  6. I don't think your handwriting is messy. It's curly, legible and looks like its written by a female. ╮(︶ω︶)╭
    Your confused looking onigiri is very cute ♥ (。 ◎ Д ◎ 。)

    It'll take less then 15 minutes to upload and post the link so I'll just put it up before I go to sleep (*・ω・)


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