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June 03, 2012

Hold My Summer I

I don't know why I had you wait for this new series of posts; I mean it's not like I took awesomesauce photos... why, indeed? Is it because I'm one of those Lord Voldemorts who are keen on disappointing people? I have a nose btw.

It was a subconscious thing. My own laziness's fault, more likely.

Anyway, here they are! I'm in no mood to blog. Ahhh.

The day I saw and touched flesh-and-blood Ian Somerhalder!

Actually, it was a spur of the moment decision. I already gave up on wanting to see him because we didn't know his schedules and yeah, he was leaving the country. But he then announced a last-minute fanmeet. It was so kind of him omg I need to fight the urge to hug myself.

I'm winning. I mean I won't hug me if I had a choice. I wouldn't want to see me naked, given the chance. Kidding. How can you not see yourself naked anyway?

My fail fansign.

Our meet-up time was 11:30. I arrived at 12 and I was quite nervous Janine left already. When we saw each other (surprise!!) our eyeballs widened at the same time.

Janine and I commuted. I'm a bad commuter; I get lost most of the time, but I trusted this 17-year-old baby to get me to the place where I wanna be.

When we jumped out of the train (Cubao station), I saw these violins for sale. I wanted the pink one!!

Scrump, muse of the day. Couldn't wait to get to MoA (Mall of Asia). Wanted to jump out. I said no, you were from Disneyland. The train ride was tragic! I'm not accustomed to riding the MRT (one of the train systems in Manila) because riders often elbow each other and there I was protecting what seemed to be my boobs.

Scrump finally arrived!!

For my foreign readers, here's how the front of MoA looks like. That's a jeepney, some sort of public transportation only found in the Philippines.

Attempting a lens-flared shot. Succeeded. Photo overexposed. Never mind. The camera of the day was a SUPER TINY Samsung. I'm not sure about the model but yeah, it was so freaking small.


You could hear squeals and screams before you even cross the entrance! IT WAS SO DEAFENING WTF. It was probably annoying to the non-fans BUT OH WELL YOU WERE THERE, YOUR FAULT. Ian was soooo, sooo far. I don't usually mind my poor eyesight (I hate wearing glasses/contacts) BUT THAT DAY WAS A CURSE. Janine even lifted me above her shoulders for a few seconds but I still couldn't see him. I wanted to cry... fall to my knees right there and just weep. But then I remembered my objective: to photograph him.

Mission accomplished. Although it was a bad shot. I gave up taking photos of Ian after a few shots and ended up snapping the fans taking photos instead. :)

It only lasted for about 30 minutes.

THIS PART I WANNA WRITE ABOUT. OMG OMG I CAN'T. I feel like squealing every time I think about it...


AUELKAJKJksjdashdkJHIWEURUWEIFASKNCMZBXkhjadskdhkjashd!!! kasljdklasjdklasjdkjakjd! asjdkljascnmz,xnv,mcnx,mvnkljh.

*clears throat* sorry about that.

I think I should've been a wee bit cheerier, writing this post. But as I had said, I'm in no mood to blog and I had no sleep -.-

To everyone wondering how I look like, here you go. Don't laugh ok.

Taken last night. I was tired from all the walking and carrying. The boxes were so freaking heavy.

I wanna go home. I don't live with my family at the moment.

I miss my mom, my dog, my brothers and sister.

Nostalgia seeps out of me instead of creativity. I know I could've blogged about this in a more acceptable way. I'm out of excuses. Maybe I should stop complaining about myself and carry on.

I gotta go! There's going to be a part two and three!


  1. So my girlfriend is so jealous of you right now.

    Reason one: me
    Reason two: you hugged Somerhalder.

    Poor you.

  2. lol fangirldom.But Im impressed,you beat your laziness to go see him.rofl. ;P

  3. Congrats on that! *virtual hug*. Well that actually meant to read Congrats on not drooling! Hohoho. xD He's too hot O.O

    I would like to see him just for the sake of see him (what?). It was really Allison whom I would die to meet. :'(

  4. Oh Ian is really really really HOT. I get lost in his eyes. Don't even know how many times I cried for Damon in TVD. :*
    You are so lucky!

  5. I've been waiting for this. :D Haha. He looks super hot, as usual.It was very nice of him to have a spur of the moment fan meeting. Oh, and you got to touch him. 0-0 Is he like a hundred degree celsius? Photos are wonderful. :D And I finally get to see your face. Hi Rainy! :D

  6. ohmygawd. ohmygawd. you touched the "Ian smexy Somerhalder"
    how come you didn't kiss him? LMAO.

  7. HAIBABE, it's rare to see you post photos of yourself. Have I told you I really like your eyes? No? Well I'm telling you nao. :B

    Ian Somerhalder looks hot as usual, so lucky you are.
    That aside, chopofthehandthattouchedthefleshofIanSomerhalderandgiveittomesothatImaypreserveit. :D
    You play the violin?

    P.S: Today, I've just found out that your profile picture has an animated "↜ Rainy" on it. :O Slooooooooow.

    I've been reading so much manga recently I think I just got a few degrees fairer. myfairnessismeasuredindegrees,problem?
    I've got plenty of horror mangas I can recommend because I'mma masochist who likes scaring myself :D

  8. I thought you're the sort of person who'd not show your face to anyone. Proven wrong :D

  9. Lucky you!

    Great pictures. Where are you staying right now btw?
    I do not want to live at home rofl.

  10. *tqa, its just Ian, Ian Somerhalder* *inhale* *exhale* omgitsfuckingiansomerhaldericantbreathehessohot!! Askdnfkeiodngjkeooakwqpfdbrhjgnsoqmndhjrj!
    You get to hug him??? I hate you even more now Windshield!
    Omg! I want that pink violin... The yellow is cute too.
    You didn't live w/ your mom now? Where are you? Holiday? *pats pats* its okay, me and izzie will always be here for ya :) I can be your dog :D

  11. Smolderhalder. /faints


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