Rainy Martini

June 12, 2012

weekend blues and greens

Last Saturday night, I went home! I had really been homesick this past few weeks. But 'nuff said! I'm gonna leave soon though.

My relatives are super annoying by the way.

I've been taking photos with Instagram lately! I don't know a lot of people there yet so if you want to, you can give me your username and I'll follow you.

Yesterday we took Caedwyn out, he's just 1 year old but already I can feel that we are truly cousins. HE'S A TOTAL DERP. If you scold him and he thinks it's not scary enough, he'll just squish his face and carry on crawling towards the stairs or whatever it is he's doing. We ate at Tony Roma's, our fave.

When we arrived, the baby was still asleep and we couldn't wake him up no matter what.

Then we walked around and bought some stuff. I was drinking my favorite carrot, pineapple, apple, and mango smoothie from Fruitas. You should totally try that mix. So yummy and the texture was perfect. I also bought a Rilakkuma plushie!

The photos here were taken during the weekend. Yes, I like taking light streaks. I wanna advance to light painting once I get my own SLR. I've got gajillions of light photos that are waiting to be posted actually! And yeah, some free light textures that are ready to be posted on our resource site. I'm not sure when though.

My saturday morning was spent organizing my tiny plushies. You see, there's the popular milk ones with my cereal drink, and my current muse, Scrump. They're both three years old already!

And here's Caedwyn!

I'm actually quite busy and there are so many problems at home. And then there's my health, my RBC count is so fucking low. I look pale so thank cherries I currently have tanned skin. Who knows what I might look like if I hated the sun? I think dark skin looks good on me to be completely honest.

My friend asked me stuff over the weekend. She also ranted about me, told me I look crap already and should try to renew my hair. She thinks my hair condition is lovely but the styling might as well have been done by a crying chimpanzee. I didn't mention that I trimmed my own hair lmfao. I'M A FUCKING CHIMPANZEE OMG. "Why did you stop writing sense?" By sense she meant controversial articles or essays. "I was certain you would rant about the protest against Lady Gaga's concert in your country." Oh yeah I did, didn't post it though. "Where are your country assessments?" He. Hehehehehehe I don't watch the news anymore.

Really, Xinyi. Why don't we swap bodies instead? I'd love to be back in SG with everybody else and just hang out. Also, I think ranting about someone else is a good idea too so I'd really love to be in your shoes and complain about me.

Truth is I'm kinda shy about my new writings.

Where had the old me gone? Why in the name of pasta did I grow backwards? I used to win writing competitions during my younger days. Two years ago I was certain I wanted to be a journalist. Now I am aimless.

I'm getting crappier!???!?!?!

We'll see.



  1. Well, we talked about your writing last Sunday, so I won't repeat it here...

  2. charissa12/6/12

    I think you're creative and funny. You could be a good humor essayist. Cheer uo si

  3. omg if you come to SG...that'll be beyond cool.

  4. Caedwyn is so cute as always.

  5. Lmfao at the chimpanzee part. Your friend is very true to you. Lololololololol. I'll follow you back on Instagram whenever I get a chance to open my account!!! :)


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