Rainy Martini

June 16, 2012

Hold My Summer III

I'm here again, all tired and sleepy. This is the last part. Wanna read the previous? First, second.

I've got something to clarify.

To my relatives: Yes, I did point out that I find some of you annoying and I was gonna ban a few. I did so a few days ago and if you can still read this that means it doesn't go out to you. Now, if you're still offended.... hahahahahahahahahahhahaha.


Janine and I walked around, bought stuff, talked so much and ate a lot. We crossed over to watch the sunset at the Manila Bay, too. I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.

Food after food after food, we pleased our tummies. As if they were gods. As if we did something so horrible that needed making up for. We bought snacks at the supermarket for the ride home, and we stepped out of the bus a little early because we both had to go and needed to find a comfort room ASAP. Oh god why am I telling you this. Loool. The result is another meal of hot goto. (similar to congee, poridge)

Overall, it was a very fulfilling and tiring day. It was worth the sweat, though. I never thought I would get to see Ian Somerhalder. I never thought I'd have so much fun that I deserve either.

I rarely get to hang out with my friends these days. Usually we would see each other's tweets in our timelines and just.... not talk. It's not the same as ignoring though. It's kinda weird, because once we agreed to meet up, we would hang out and laugh aloud as usual as if we just had a chatter on the phone the other night.

I find that kind of relationship very comforting.

It's like, by default, we are friends. And no, I don't think we take each other for granted because that's not how I see things. Losing communication is just a piece of shit we decided not to step on; we don't really falter after weeks or months of silence and I am very grateful for it.

I rarely stay online these days and I miss my cyber friends already! Omg guyssss I'm sorry lol you know you love me lmfaolmfaolmfao I'm just busy you know you love me. I lost le phone too.

Good night!


  1. I want that hello kitty biscuits cause it reminds me of Hello Panda. Lol and I can't believe you lost your phone tho.. Its effing S3. Lol I want that Hi Milk chocolate bar too.. Gimme!

  2. Oh and btw, yes I wuv you :) I miss you too ^.^

  3. You have some great shots here! I love goto! :)

    Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back. :) TY


  5. That goto thingy actually looks scrumptious!
    I love em ferries wheel shots :D


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