Rainy Martini

June 27, 2012

a few minutes ago

Hi guys! Sorry I've been absent for days, I just scheduled the posts to remain activity in this blog.

As you might know already, I've been watching over my 14-month-old cousin Caedwyn. We're so close now he follows me everywhere. Yes, he'd watch me bathe given the chance. Not that I would mind, I never really had an audience during showertime. JUSTKIDDINGOK. I'm serious about him chasing me to the bathroom though.

I'm practicing how to juggle too! I know-ish about the basics because I used to know jugglers and acrobats during my performer days. I hope I remember well! The balls differ in size and weight though. It greatly affects my rhythm but with an audience of one (Caedwyn, who else), it's hardly an issue.

There's the baby boy. He kept prancing on the stuff I was photographing. You will see his hand or two on the future photos I'm gonna post. I think it kinda looked good though.

I had also finished Caroline's Journal. I bought it at a surplus bookshop for just Php99 some three years ago. I didn't even know I had it until I checked the deeper parts of my book cabinet. That Ribblestrop copy is Carle's, by the way. I haven't read it yet.

My old copy of Nat Geo's illustrated world mythology book! My siblings are now obsessed with it.

This is Caedwyn! He does this face every time his dad tells him No. Despite the squishy face (oh god I swear it's funny when he does it), he's very obedient and well-disciplined, even for a one-year-old! Well uh, his dad has a very scary voice imo. I am scared of his dad's voice.

Woah. The baby's trying to pound on the keys. I gotta go before you read "asdkjklzjcvzx" on this post. LOL.

And oh, I'm still busy with hatching more plans! I had decided to push the project I was planning to do last year, and you'll learn more about the business I was talking about when it's final. Clue: it's like a magazine.

I'm gonna do an affiliate clean-up!

Also, I'm going to post my poems in a separate blog so I could flood the page with new posts without worries.

See you soon!


  1. aklfnanfajfganfad.

    He's taken over my comment!

  2. LOL at Caedwyn and your typos.

  3. Omo! He's a cutie! I wonder how he would watching you taking shower.. Is he gonna juggle in meanwhile? Justttttttttttttkiddingliao

    Sorry i've been missing out on so many of your blog post ;________;

  4. CUTE!!!! and those books looks interesting. I can see why you're busy now, always taking care of Mr. cute there heehe^y^ must be fun!

  5. “I just scheduled the posts to remain activity in this blog.”
    I do that too. (just did it the past week) :D
    Caedwyn is cute, he has really nice eyes. (kinda like yours actually) LOL. I also have a copy of the Nat Geo's visual history of world mythology book.
    I can juggle (on good days) but the max amount of juggling objects are limited to 6 slightly-larger-than-palm sized objects.
    Me gusta the squishy face photo, haha, looks... squishy.

  6. hey! visit you here now already. will you visit mine too? it was so pleasure for me. thank you there :D


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