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July 07, 2012

to the hospital

This afternoon I accompanied my brother to the hospital. Recap: about a week ago, his childhood friend suddenly punched him in the nose. It was really bloody, and the incident was scary. The brother I knew became a monster. It was my first time to see him that angry. Wait lol I'm not sure if I should blog about it publicly.... oh well never mind. Thing is, it happened in a drunken haze. But the damage was done, and what scares us is the after effects of general anesthesia. He has upcoming certification exams and it could affect his thinking.

It wasn't my intention to go with him today, what with my pre-flu condition (I can really feel a flu coming now) and my hunger. At around 12 PM, his friend (the sucker who punched him lolol) came to pick him up. My mother wanted someone to go with him for moral support (she couldn't come), I wasn't one of the options until I blurted out

"I actually wanna see the procedure but-"


So I went.

I didn't even have the time to finish the cup of coffee I had just made!! I was hungry and unshowered, but still I took the time to admire my newly-painted nails before we headed to the hospital.

The walk was loud! The sky either grumbled or farted, and soon the rain fell. We stood for about an hour waiting for the culprit's brother in the market, too. I got wet in the rain, and my nose ran. Away. It was annoying really! Imagine snot trying to catwalk on your upper lip while you wait in the rain. I was raining inside and out!

My bro and Paul (green guy) in the drugstore buying this anbesol thingy.

When we reached the hospital... MY BRO'S GIRLFRIEND WAS THERE ALREADY. So no need for me to play cheerleader right? Wrong. She was nervous as hell, I felt guilty for my excitement. Why was I excited anyway?

Oh wait, blood. I think blood is kinda fascinating.

There was a lot of blood in his face, people were clustered around him to snoop. If I were a stranger I think I would've snooped too. There was a lot of blood, I repeat: A LOT OF BLOOD. He was conscious when the procedure was done, and it hurt like hell. His eyes were bloodshot. It didn't take an hour though. BUT STILL. When the doctors in Hong Kong inserted tubes in my nose to gather "data" during the H1N1 outbreak (LOOOOL IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS, I MIGHT POST ABOUT IT. What an experience it was!) I cried in pain, my little sis kept shrieking and 6 nurses held her down. Tubes were inserted in her nose too. Ok I don't know why it hurt that bad. Well anyway, IT WAS SO DAMN PAINFUL. My brother had more damage... I now admire him for his manliness.

I forgot to mention that it was a public hospital we went to. I don't have many experiences from public hospitals, the last one was when my grandpa had a heart attack and died while driving, his new wife and I had to go to the morgue to claim his body. My only feedback is... IT WAS SO FUCKING UNSANITARY. Morgue you say? More like a left-most corridor on the lowest floor. There were WARDS on the other surrounding corridors! We found him lying on a stretcher in front of an abandoned room in the abandoned fucking corridor.

Meal time. The cafeteria was gross too. Not my trash.

I was waiting for my bro's girlfriend when suddenly...


Me while waiting for my brother to come out. He wasn't confined. Just an out patient blah di blah.

OK I know I have flat chest.

I gotta go! This was written on Friday, 7:16 PM. Scheduled, ya know?

See you soon!

Btw, Cynthia posted an anime list! If you have no idea what to watch (LIKE ME LOLOL) you can check it out here!


  1. + Blood. Again.

    + It's funny how you find yourself talking about things that you don't want to talk about anyway. Twice already.

    + Can you Photoshop the hell out of yourself? Haha. (shies away)

  2. Okay, so I really admire your writing and photoshop skills. T ^ T
    How I wish I had the same talent(not exactly the same, if you know what I mean) as yours. And, I like your new layout btw! ^______^

    Blood fascinates me, too. But I'm scared at first when I see needles ha ha. And, I hope your brother's fine now. I hope you get well soon, too. Hihi.


  3. I know I should feel sorry for your manly brother but I couldn't help but laugh at"STRANGERS SAT ON MY TABLE. I was like "herh o.O?"" because that is exactly what happened to me yesterday xDD Me and my brother went for a buffet and 2 random kids came with their plates of food and sat opposite us. My brother stared at them until they went away, probably thought he was gonna steal their food or something, LOL.
    Your nails look really pretty by the way. Oooh, shiny! :D

  4. I won't call that flat chested, that's a B at least right? -just realized that my estimation on the size of someone else's chest makes me sound like a pervert

  5. @Niko IKR. i just let my stream of consciousness flow and not even care about what i put into words. T___T NO I CAN'T, if it's to beautify me. I plain can't.

    @Caryl thank you for those words dear.

    @Cynthia LMFAO. we always have similar experiences ide. I think we're like soulmates or something (by now we should've known already right? lol) and no, I'm only an A. Thank heavens there was no -A. LOL


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