Rainy Martini

July 11, 2012

last May

Some photos I took last May with my kid cousins while walking around the village.

I can't get to my own head. Can you imagine!? I need more time to think and write. I've been doodling, too. Ugly ones, see.

Maybe some CocoRosie songs will help.


  1. Ahh that first photos is lovely! Coincidentally I tried to take one in a similar angle of my aunt and uncle, but it did not come out well at all.

  2. Lovely photos.. Those kids are so cute!
    Playing with the shadows.. Classic . I like it!

  3. Is that cookie homemade? It looks delicious.

    What a cute heart. Playing with shadows is always much more fun when you're not alone.

  4. love the way you take your photos!

  5. Thank you guys!

    @Lisa yes it is :)

  6. Anonymous22/7/12

    Could you make a tutorial on how you edit your pics on this post! <3 <3
    I've been a fan and I absolutely love your photos, your shots, your posts and your photoshopped collages. xx

  7. @Anon that's a good idea actually! Maybe one of these days I will ♥ and thank you too.

  8. You take really lovely pictures, Rainy!


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