Rainy Martini

July 24, 2012

jeeb jeeb

I have friends. Well obviously. But we're not the kind of pals who meet up almost everyday just to chatter away and all that. It sometimes takes us four months before we see each other again, that's why I make sure I've got everything chronicled in this blog.

Maybe it's not fun, for some. But the joy of knowing that someone out there cares for you, wants your company and enjoys it is enough for me.

About thirteen days ago, I met up with the girls again because Janine and I needed to meet someone and Nel had to watch some Japanese movie needed for her class. That's her on the third photo, Nel, I mean.

Walking towards the cineplex. We took the details and everything, then Janine and I headed back to Megamall (we were at Shang Ri La) for the meet-up. You see, we're gonna help organize the DVD launch of Hunger Games! It's on the 18th of August! I've no more details though. Lol.

At the other mall.

Wait this photo should've been placed before the hand one. Never mind.

The sky brought me to heaven. Well I was trying out a pun.. *shies away* *dies*

Free taste! LOLOLOL who doesn't love free taste?

I wanted to buy something because the flower pastillas actually tasted good, and there were a lot of shapes to choose from. Imagine all the photo opportunities! Oh, the camera of the day was Janine and Nel's mom's Canon digicam.

After our meet-up with Ate Lian, Nel came to grab a spaghetti. I bring my draft notebook anywhere I go! I think I might've even wrote a poem while sitting there, chattering away with Lian.

I wanted to watch the movie together with Nel so we headed back to the other mall and left Janine to watch Magic Mike. By the time we were outside, it was already getting dark. Around 6 PM I think. Sunsets here are early, no?

AND WE CAME IN LATE. THE QUEUE ALREADY CAME IN WTF SO WE HAD TO ENDURE ANOTHER LONG WALK BACK TO MEGAMALL. Yes the walk was actually long, my knees and legs hurt despite the comfortable boots I wore. I think we spent most of our time walking.

If you're wondering where my poems headed off to, I had them moved to another blog. I still have so many things that needed tending to so yeah.

There were no birds today! I was expecting a whole bunch because of the sweltering heat but none came. It doesn't matter, I think.


  1. At least you have friends.

  2. @Niko what. you don't? how can you not have friends? ;( don't online friends count for you though?

  3. It's far more complicated than that. Friends by name is different, always, vastly, definitely different.

    Or maybe I'm just having one of those days, which, mind you, happen far too often to be just one of those days.

  4. Sorry for not tweeting. Guess what? I'm in AU!!

  5. Your photos are lovely :) I really liked the seventh picture, the one with the cranes in the background.

    I rarely find pastillas here, but whenever one of my aunts is coming to America, I always ask them to bring a few!

  6. I don't think I have a lot of friends. I have one or two really close ones, but other than that... I think I push them away easily. But yes it's lovely knowing someone out there cares for you.

    And the photo of the cranes looks amazing!

  7. Sounds like you have really good friendships :)
    And it looks like you had such a good time! Good thing you chronicle everything onto your blog - these memories are valuable.

    Trendy Teal

  8. It's good to catch up with friends when you've spent months apart. My friends and I live two hours away from each other in different directions from our hometown, so when we meet up it's always a fun time.

    Looks like you had a really fun time and I enjoyed the photos, too. That HK notebook is cute ^_^

  9. Awh it looks like you had such a nice day :)
    Thanks for the comment btw

  10. It really is nice to meet the friends you haven't seen for a long time. I'll be meeting with my bestfriend tomorrow too! We haven't met each other for months and I've cancelled on her thrice before. As for my other friends, I am really lucky I haven't graduated College yet 'coz I get to see them everyday even though some of them transferred schools already. We all meet up at our usual hang out regardless of which schools we are in :)

  11. Rainyyyy! (Your name sounds suitable these days.) Haha omg the baller caught my attention. Where'd you get that? The one with The Script in it. :)


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