Rainy Martini

July 22, 2012

the whole week

I missed you guys! I haven't been around for who knows how long. Maybe eight, nine days? The week flew, it had the strongest wings if you ask me. I mean how can something move so fast if it weren't for powerful.... what?

Thankfully, I had written down on my pink notebook what I had been up to.

Rainy season here, so that means we're full of... rain. I don't quite understand my full relationship with rain. Sometimes I wanna marry the sound of it pattering on my roof, on the ground. Sometimes it would bother me, give me the feeling up rushing something I can't quite get my finger (and toes) on. I'd been seating by the window, watching droplets of it slide down the leaves.

Every morning I'd wake up before dawn, and I'd hear the birds sing. Two days ago I had watched tiny sparrows skipping along the neighbor's roof, one had a piece of biscuit in its beak. The other, the evil one, took it and flew away. High went the victim. I wonder where they went.

Did it get the biscuit back?

Yesterday morning, I think there was a typhoon. I'm not completely tuned in so I can't be sure. The wind and rain subsided for a while (calm before le storm hoho) and a little bird perched its tiny claws on top of the line in front of my gate, where I was sitting with a mug of coffee. It sang and hopped for a while. My mind went like "ARE YOU A BUNNY OR SOMETHING" and I could've sworn it answered me with a yes.

Something about birds and me. In the newspaper, there was also an article about bird-watching. Why am I telling you this though... hmm.

Sunsets were beautiful. Three days ago, a sheet of very thing cloud blanketed the sky, the result was a very yellow dawn. I can't explain, I wish I had a camera that day. EVERYTHING WAS YELLOW. My skin was yellower, the leaves were yellower, the children running around were yellow too. I live somewhere in... wait I can't tell you lol, I hope a reader saw it too, though. The next sunset was pretty much the same, except that the sky was... pink, and it didn't illuminate the things below, so no pink skin for me and everyone.

So beautiful.

I would read outside the door, but then a pesky neighbor would sing a song I'm very much familiar with and it would resonate inside my head long after the singer was gone. I wish she had a lovelier voice though. And tune it up a little.

A lot of caterpillars suddenly appeared on our calamansi plant. I'm expecting more butterflies soon! Actually a few had been flying around, here and there. Entering the house but not touching anything.

I think it was also yesterday that some neighbors down the street caught a turtle. Oh, there are so many turtles here! It's not big news, but my ten- and eight-year-old brothers were so excited. I'm sure it wasn't the first time they saw a turtle. I wanted them to shut up and get over it. But who was I to take the childlike excitement they felt? I'm sorry I couldn't feel the same way, not in that sense at the very least.

They're just being children is all.

All these happened. I just sat through everything with my faithful companion—coffee. Mug after mug after mug. Of course I stood once in a while to clean up my dogs poop and stuff. Yes, I'm in charge with the poop business. IT'S SO UNFAIR. It did me good though, the time came when my baby cousin's father wasn't around and I had to wash his bum. At my age, I should be grossed but I wasn't hohoho because me so awshum I once touched dog poop bohohohooohohoho.

I have a lot of photos to post! It was taken during July 12.

I wish I had more time to tell you all the beautiful things I'd been lucky enough to see. Not that I was the only one who did, but I'm pretty sure I was among the few who stopped by and appreciated.


  1. Jeanne22/7/12

    I love your writing, always did. wether you're writing in a funny way or in the way you used above. always lovely.

  2. - misses you a lot
    - misses rainy season (nothing but hot and dry here)
    - wishes there were more birds and butterflies in the city
    - doesn't know who neighbors are
    - wants a turtle
    - is waiting for pictures patiently

  3. Anonymous23/7/12

    i'm assuming english is your 2nd (or even 3rd) language?
    your mastery of english is there, but you have to work on awkward phrasing (eg. "High went the victim." and "The other, the evil one, took it and flew away.")

    but your literary skillz are awesome o w0w


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