Rainy Martini

September 01, 2012

I'm sick

Hey guys. You see, I have chicken pox so uh... so uhh I won't be able to update.

I have engagements, though. And some of you guys have paid me in advance for the layouts you've requested or the colors you want to buy. I don't wish to say this publicly but I have no time to e-mail you individually. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't want this either!

I promise I'll be back as soon as I can, with your orders sent and layout blueprints e-mailed.

Sorry, sorry! Sorry for the blasted graphic (credits to 99MB), sorry for this.

I could've finished all those works if it weren't for the stupid boils on my fingertips! It hurts just to type this. Please understand.

Meanwhile I will spend my days writing poems that no one cares about. Lol.


  1. Awhh.. I'm so sad to know that you are sick.
    Hope you'll feel better soon.
    It's okay, take your time to recover.
    Have enough rest and don't run around chasing dogs and troubles (or caedwyn)..

  2. Get well soon, dear! xoxo

  3. I hope you will get better soon dear :)

  4. oh I hope you will get well soon dear.

  5. get well soon! :) i've never had chickenpox but according to my parents it's really hard trying not to scratch D: good luck with them!

  6. Get well soon! :)

  7. Poor kiddo. Get well soon. Ouch, pox.

  8. blogwalking, following and reading the post,..hope you'll get well soon.

  9. Get well soon girl <3

    A lot of people are getting sick recently. it's probably because of the fucked up weather.

  10. How are you doing na sis?:-S

    I hope you're fine now! Haven't blogged lately so I haven't dropped by here. Get well soon :"> I suddenly thought of it but I don't know if I already had chicken pox :-S Although when my bf had one I didn't seem affected by it even if I was near him most of the time. hoho. Anyway God bless u!<3


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