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September 09, 2012

Got flown by a squealing chicken...

HELLO EVERYBODY! My gosh, I haven't been here for days! I had just read through all the comments on my previous post. Thank you, thank you for the get-well-soon wishes, I really appreciate those.

So I had a terrible bout of chicken pox, starting August 26th. I'm gonna tell you about my week, and I don't mind spilling out the gory details so please hold on to your lunches... or not. Wouldn't it be spectacular to have my readers puking all over their keyboard? Meh. I don't think this is going to be that gross anyway.

I remember mentioning somewhere in my previous posts that Caedwyn had chicken pox, and I might get it too. A day or two after the baby's full recovery, a pimple-like thingy appeared on the small of my back. So everyone at home was all "hahahahahahahahaha!" because it made clear that I had already caught the virus.

It was not bad at first, the blisters didn't multiply the way we expected it to so the homefolks finally stopped fantasizing about me getting the pox.

Then it happened. One morning, I woke up with the hugest pimple on my face. Then came the fever.

Oh, I'm telling you. It was terrible! I've had several muscle and joint pains. The small of my back mysteriously felt as if I haven't moved it for a week. I had to keep bending over to ease the pain. In a matter of hours, dozens of blisters appeared on my back and stomach. They stung, and every movement caused  me pain. When the night came, I couldn't sleep because they itched so hard I had to slap my back with my soft towel repeatedly. I kept wailing and moaning! True, I'm used to having itches all my life because I have this skin condition... wait, I don't want to tell you about it. Not yet. But it's amazing and I'm practically a walking canvas/scratch paper.

Bottomline is I'm very used to getting itches and what aggravated me was the fact that I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Don't scratch. Don't touch. There were so many don'ts. It made things worse, because I think my rebellious mind kept doing something about it. I scratched anyway. Hehe. And the nights were very warm. As if the nature that I love so much was conspiring against me. Maybe it was.

My face was then bombarded with white blisters. I would have been so fearful and depressed if it hadn't been for my mom, who also had pox when she was 23. You see, she was a model back in the days and it was much harder for her. So anyway, she kept telling me to stay away from the mirrors, that it's going to be okay. That the scars will fade in time. Everything she said felt like cold water on my skin.

She gave me a wet towel soaked in boiled colantro seeds and oolong tea. Which was a bad idea wtf. You see, my family is kinda superstitious so I wasn't allowed to bathe! The house was practically an oven due to the heat, and and and... my underarm smelled! Hahahahahahaha. I smelled of foul oolong tea and soon enough I  was a rotten Chatime pearl milk tea.

What made it harder to sleep at night was the cluster of blisters on my scalp. They were so fucking itchy and painful. I sleep in a fetal position and they devilishly appeared on the sides of my head, and along my hairline. What the fuck right? My body is trolling itself.

Fast forward. Pain pain, itch, stink. Pain, blisters on my buttcheeks and the inside of my legs stopped me from sitting. Pain fucking pain.

Then the stupid blisters started drying up. IT WAS THE ITCHIEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

There weren't that many on my arms, but my tummy was almost full of them. I accidentally saw myself in the mirror and the hair all over my body stood up. The clusters of brown circles on my face was too much for a trypophobic like me. I am virtually afraid of... circles, holes. ESPECIALLY if they come in clusters and groups. The sight of grapes bothers me, so does seeing beehives, giraffe print (it looks like dried wound on a human skin and I can't stand it), pearls at the bottom of my milk tea glass...

And then there was my face, all flaky, holey, brimming with dried chicken pox blisters. Seeing them made my back feel itchier. We get itch from merely seeing a bunch of round thingies, it's scientific.

Every section of my body was practically a chocolate chip cookie. (Yes they bother me too but I ignore the disgusting look and munch them anyway.) It was the worst, and the goosebumps made the itching worse. But I'm a strong person. I got through it all.

My uncle (Caedwyn's father) got it, too. And his was about twenty times worse than mine. There was practically no decent skin on his back, and I hate to admit this because I'm very fond of that uncle, but the spots on his skin made my skin crawl even more. The whole ordeal gave us a chance to bond more, although we were already close, it made us closer. We'd hang out in the err... "porch" all day and just talk because there wasn't much to do. And we joked about our illness.

Our whole family did, I think it helped me with the whole healing process. Talk about finding light in everything.

A few days ago, my face was caked with dried pus. It looked a lot like whiteheads. I had to keep scraping them and when I accidentally hit a browndisgustingblister, it falls off and  The blisters are on the process of getting the fuck off my skin which is good. And gross. Also, I found a way to make fun of these.

Every time my siblings say "yuck", I take one off and throw it at them. Bwahahaha.

I have a lot of poems to write. Actually, I'm on a deadline and I'm supposed to be writing five or more poems right now! I would've done it during the week but a bullshit, a rather huge one, appeared on the area of my hand that constantly gets pressed down when I write. And there were also a bunch on my fingertips. You can see it on the photo I especially took for you. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What's the point of having disgusting thingies on your skin if you can't use it to troll anyone? Don't say it. I'm a bad bad bad girl I know and some of the stuff I find funny might annoy others. I did warn you guys though, my sense of humor is not always for everyone.
You guys, I'm so touched with your messages and tweets and comments. Oh I forgot that I already mentioned it. Oh well. Thank you so much anyway.

I'm off now. I need to finish all the liabilities that had piled up during my absence. And I'm tired.


  1. Anonymous9/9/12

    I'm so sorry but you are so disturbing!!!! Especially the photo of your hand! It's a good shot but please cut it out.

  2. @Anon thanks but I can't!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Stop bothering your readers! Glad you're okay now.

  4. Oh man... chickenpox. Had it last year. Tried to prevent it by vaccination but it didn't work out. It was too late. HAHA! But it's only mild. Probably because of the vaccine. Hope you're doing well!

  5. Are you fully recovered or what? But glad to see you active in blogging and twitter world again. I miss you!

    In the end, we all just gonna laugh it off right? that's one of the way to endure the pain and let it pass by.

  6. OMG Rainy, get well soon. I actually had chicken pox before but it didn't spread all throughout my whole body because I took medication. I know the pain my friend. :/


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