Rainy Martini

September 14, 2012

Coming soon...

Yes that's right, I'm opening my very own color shop! For the past month, I've been sending previews and samples as e-mail attachments, and I've actually sold my personal actions and curves to a couple of photo hobbyists like myself! So now I've decided to launch an actual shop where future customers can browse and purchase freely without having the need to send me an e-mail and wait for my reply with the said attachments.

The products will include the ones that I personally use for my photos, and others that I created out of love as well.

Price range... let's just say that it will be more affordable compared to the other color sellers out there.

It's opening soon!

There will be freebies... and they're not like the ones I've posted in this blog before.


  1. Anonymous14/9/12

    open it now rainy!!

    im really curius!

  2. Well, that explains your weird tweets! Haha!

  3. cool can't wait for it :)


  4. Looking forward to it! <3

  5. Cool! But I can't seem to understand what a color shop is. I'm noob. Haha. But hope it'll turn out well for you Rainy! :D

  6. yayyerr! But I wish I know how to..

  7. So exciting! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have to offer. I really love the ones you have offered before so I'll definitely purchase something. For some reason, I feel better using resources I paid for than freebies. I feel like I've earned the right to use the materials offered to me. I have a strict policy about stealing or "claiming" of other people's creative efforts. I'm weird lol


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