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September 24, 2012

Colors & Wishes -- NOW OPEN

After almost two weeks... I am proud to announce that my first online shop, Colors & Wishes is now open!

As mentioned on my previous post, people who were interested in learning how I post-process my photos have mailed me and even asked to buy my own presets. Soon I realized that transacting via e-mail was tiresome so I have decided to open a shop available for everyone to see! You can buy curves preset, actions and PSDs. Prices will start at US$5. There will be promo codes and freebies, too.

First, a color is a lingo for photo-editing presets. It's called so because it literally colors your works (well, only if you didn't use a black and white one).

I have spent two years (and counting) going through my adventures without a camera and often borrowing from other people. It helped me learn to make do with what I have (and improve my persuasion skills lolol). I also learned so many ways to make photographs look presentable using Photoshop. It hurts me to sell those because they're my personal editing presets and I've had them for a while already. But everything will be towards my new project and camera fund! I plan to save for a new camera so I can live my life in a creative pursuit and shrug off the "photoblogger without an equipment" brand.

I'm actually scared, nervous and very uncertain about this endeavor. But I won't know until I try right?

Thank you so much and see you there!

Visit my shop and try the freebies so you can get a gist on how they work.

Image is from deviant-caroline.


  1. Ha! Congrats and good luck to you! I wish I could still ask you for more freebies. LOL.

  2. Yaaay! Goodluck and I wish you all the best on this! ^___^

  3. Anonymous24/9/12

    great! thanks! love those free items!

  4. i'm so proud of you! future business woman in the making holy moley

  5. Eventho I don't know how to download stuff for ps, but YAY!!! ITS OPEN!!!!!!! COME COME!

  6. Everything looks so good! I plan on launching an online shop of some of my homemade stuff to raise money for my book projects! I'll definitely be buying some things from you!


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