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April 29, 2013

Inspire Monday: Julia Trotti

(This should have been posted yesterday, as I had this post scheduled since Thursday. Either Blogger was acting up or I wasn't able to schedule this post properly. I don't know.)

This week's inspiration is... if you're fond of Australian fashion photographers, you might know her already. It's Julia Trotti! This is her, this is her. Quite a chic eh? (I knowww but I'm not gonna go pretend-pervy and swoony about pretty girls again because she's actually going to read this lololol) (and no I'm not a lesbian).

Professional, engaging, passionate and highly talented are just some of the words that come to mind when asked to describe the high-grade photography produced by Julia Trotti. Julia has well and truly hit her stride as a photographer, having come a long way since her humble beginnings.
I'd always wanted to do fashion shoots, but for some reason I found myself surrendering my camera for a much, much better cause. Much better than chasing my dreams and honing my skills. I was basically left with nothing. Still am. Well, a little. Anyway, I'm working on getting myself one so blah. Holy shat I'm tearing up. Stooooop. Anyway, my dream eventually came true when my little sister (who's a bit spoiled lol) made my big brother (who's a bit annoying) dare me to do some photoshoot using the state-of-the-art Nokia C3-01. Yup, thank you. I know they're good. WHAT? Of course that was sarcasm. Hahaha. Like, when did I ever say something good about myself? Dunno.

Enough snark. I discovered Julia's works last year, while I was writing the poems that eventually got published in the UK Poetry Library. I had to add that bit in case your'e wondering what happened to the poems lol. Here are some of the photos that I took from her blog (with permission, of course).

All of her photographs are amazing and inspirational. I am really really glad I stumbled upon her blog that day. And Julia is really nice. She talks to her readers and patiently answers the questions through her formspring account. Roll over for more images and be inspired, stunned and amazed like me.

There's this never-ending sense of movement that I love in her photos. I will honestly go "HEY I SWEAR I SAW HER MOVE AN INCH THERE...".

I think everybody deserves to see her photos. Everybody. They are beautiful enough to help you get through the day. I am being cheesy but I don't care. I honestly love how her photos make me feel. I want to create beautiful photographs, I may be unable to do so at the moment but at the very least, I am thankful to have seen breathtaking works like Julia's.


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