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April 04, 2013

whipple schmipple

Remember the gift that I received last Valentine's? Well, we finally managed to mess around with it. As promised on my previous previous (loool) post, here it is! Well it basically happened on the same day, the IHOP and Whipple thingies. I'd always wanted to have my own Whipple kit but I never got round to buying one!

Of course we needed a place where we could sit down and fatten ourselves up.

So there was my date, obsessive-compulsively reading the manual. I was gonna type "it's surprising how my triple decker cheesecake remained untouched for more than a minute," then I scrolled a little and saw the slight change. Heehee.

Oh hai. I did use Whipple to whip up my drink. No kidding.

Scrump says hi. She's a freaking camwhore if you ask me. Also, I had to lock her inside my bag lest she eat all those yummy-looking decors! Never mind that her mouth had been stitched shut by you-know-who.

There was only a limited amount of fruit decors so we had to part everything.

And the piping began!!

My tuuuuuurn! I did the bigger one because I'm the boss and I'm awesome. Kidding. Also, I think I went to pipe first... I can't remember. Niko, did you or did you not go first? I think he didn't. Ah well.

And surpriiiiiisssseeeeee!!! AN ACTUAL VIDEO OF ME PIPING. FAIL-LY. YES. EXCLUSIVE. MWAHAHA. Enjoy...

I was definitely kidding when I said that "I'm so good at piping". Or not.

I know right? So fail.

And he said, "LET ME DO IT". So I let him pop some strawberries on my whipple crepe. Never mind that I let him do his tiny crepe thingy all by himself. Hmp. People were actually gawking at us as we joked around and laughed at our fail-ness. Probably thinking, "what a really gay couple lolol lmao" HAHA. Or maybe, "what. Wait. Are they... are they playing!? Is that a child's toy!???"

FYI Whipple is the sexiest cutest toy ever.

I did something I cannot remember. Hahahahaha.

After an hour of laughing and blaming each other for the disaster above, we decided that it must have been time for us to get our IHOP table (it was so damn crowded it was hard to get one) then it dawned on us.

WHERE THE FUG DO WE KEEP THEM. Whipple creams take around two weeks to dry completely. So we had to carry it around like idiots. I said "like idiots" because I had to be really careful not to touch the cream lest the earlier disaster happens again. If that's the case then I just wasted precious Whipple cream.


There were actually three types of crepe blah blah included in the kit. I did the first one a few weeks before.

Some more photos...

And some unrelated ones...

There you go!

So as usual, we're at the end of this post. And what does Rainy do at the end??

She writes useless remarks.


No lah. I'm not getting married or anything. Haha. I'm just moving... TO A NEW DOMAIN!!!

I'm moving soon. I'm moving soon. Don't worry, you will still have access to me via wishfortherain.com, but only for a short while.


Anyway, I'm off to sleep now. Good night!!


  1. Of course you left out the most important part of the story: both crepes got smooshed when you got home, so all this was for naught. Ish. Hehehehehe.

    I think I piped the small one first, then you did the big one first, and then when you began to fail (haha) I continued and we exchanged and laughed and looked silly and made a scene.

    I fail at Rainy humor.

  2. hai I love the last rule ❤

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  4. Omg everything is so cute and yummy! :3

  5. nice photos *___*

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  6. I swear to God I almost lick my laptop because
    1) the triple decker chees cake
    2) the whipple thingy and the cream..

    Gosh I seriously craving for a crepe right now.

  7. ah i just did my post on whipple as well! :D
    however mine doesnt look as yummy & the crepes are just too cute! *u*


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