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April 01, 2013

I'm an April Fool

So a month has passed. Again. I hate it. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the heat. I dislike the way it creeps on my skin. Actually, it doesn't creep. At all. It just plasters itself all over my body like a freaking leech. And as if the sensation isn't enough, it prompts my supposedly-smart-and-caring sweat glands to leak whatever liquid I have inside me. It's like nature and my own body are conspiring against me. Add the fact that I had just started my first real week at work. Add another fact that I only get about four hours of sleep daily... and if you're a numbers person you might wanna divide everything I've just said by nine, multiply it by three, add twenty-seven and maybe even get the square root if you wish.

And here is a photo of something completely unrelated. I mean my ranting has just started. I wanna make it up to you. Photos taken last summer. Around April 10-15. I can't remember.

I would really love to tell you about how I went through my rough training and my first week at work. How I made new friends and how I miss my training batchmates. I'd love to tell you what's been going on with me and my online friends. Oh, I've got news for you. Someone is actually using my name to type nasty comments on other people's tagboards! Cool right? And lame. Everyone knows how I do my thing. But who the fuck cares. I don't care. Or do I? Okay to be honest I do. Mostly because I won't be around to defend myself if ever. I hate looking lame. I mean it's a reaaaally lame thing to do. And why me? Is it because I cuss a lot? What the fucking hell. Or is it because... oh my. It just occurred to me that the fucker might be in love with me! HAHAHAHA GROSS. Okay Rainy. What the hell is wrong with your head. Delete delete. Forget I ever typed that.

Anyway. Moving on. (Also, the lucky fucker luckily made his/her/its own way to this blogpost. He/It/She actually has her own freaking paragraph!)

I don't know why I feel burdened by this whole blogging thing. I still get a lot of queries on my e-mail and I feel guilty for not responding to any of it. Of course, the buyers still get their purchases in time (LOLOL IF THERE'S MONEY INVOLVED... kidding. Mostly because I don't wanna lose my customer's trust.)

So there. I'm an April fool because I will not make an April fool's joke. I'm so sorry.


We're both fools. We're all fools here.

So yeah. I'm gonna go ahead and sleep now. Hopefully. And I promise I will be back soon with a reaaaally kawaii blogpost.

Ta ta! And I love you. And thank you so much for still visiting my dead blog.

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  1. It's been awhile since the last time I visited your blog! :) As usual great pictures! <3 I hope this month of April would make you happy! Cheer up darling, everything would be okay :-* <3

    By the way I have a new post! I hope have a time to check it out! http://ara-oundtheworld.blogspot.com/2013/04/first-summer-look-smoldering-eyes.html



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