Rainy Martini

May 08, 2013


Here, a hanky. Take it. You will need it. Annoyingly.

It took me three days to drag myself in front of the computer and check on my e-mail and other social media accounts. I mean, yeah I do have my phone but there's nothing like catching up on something with a big screen. Wait, I mean I did have my phone. Ugh. My annoying phone got stolen earlier in the day... which makes it even more annoying. Lol. But seriously though, I loved that phone. I know it's a fucking Gingerbread because I bought it the moment it went out ages ago but still. I'm not the type of person who needs a phone anyway. Well, I wasn't. Heehee. So this afternoon I bought a much more annoying phone (which is so damn annoying I promise) for an annoyingly cheap price hahahaha. And it's so fucking annoying. At least my old annoying phone (which I now miss because I have so many creepy screencaps there) (I screencap annoyingly awesome snippets of our conversations; "our" being my friends or boyfriend or whoever and
me. I love reading them again and again) (so yeah lol I bet you will now be extra careful when you talk to me hahaha) (also, I think I can be a good archivist. My friends know. Mwahaha) had the ability to entertain me.

My old phone didn't have the capability to take crisp shots, but it's perfect if you like producing photos that have a newspapery feel. Take a look at this shot, for example. Don't you go "WHERE IS THE PHOTO" because you have to click on the link, lazy bum. Yeah I know it has a filter hahaha but still. It wouldn't have ended like that if it weren't for the photo. Or the photogra... *cough cough*

Two hours later, I'm still not finished. I actually stopped writing this annoying post because I was chatting with Izzie. Online best friend for four years and running... only we can't run because we're so depressed we'll slip on our own tears. Either that or we're fat... or not. She's not fat. I'm not fat, but I'm getting there. Annoyingly. And I'm kidding about us being depressed. We're perfectly fine and happy.

Aaaand I'm off. I hope I annoyed you with this annoying post. Did you utilize the hanky that I handed out? I bet you're creying your eyes out right now. Annoyed? Yeay.

Seriously though. I am so damn stressed out.

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