Rainy Martini

September 25, 2011


Tonight is Carle's birthday celebration. I'm writing in present tense because it's still happening right now, as I type. Actually, we just finished watching that cheesy movie called Insidious. I must admit, it did scare me a bit because of the masks and dolls and stuff. I'm idiophobic like that. Well anyway, I'm not going to show you the derpier shots because lah it's kinda embarrassing. (No, I don't think that way at all. I like posting funny and candid shots. But my friends here might. So... yeah.)

From left: Danna, Me, Nel, Danielle, Kate, and Jasper. We were watching Bad Teacher then.

Lo and behold ze insidious film, Insidious! Haha. The sounds were bombastic all right. Kept us on edge. I mean, wth!

The derps are playing Uno cards and they're practically squealing and getting their heads bumped against the yellow wall. And me, I choose to sit on the cold floor just to record what happened this fateful night. I love it. It has been a while since I last left my dinky home.

We just sang Carle's birthday song lol. I'm gonna give him our gift now. (A shirt from Honduras).

Oh my god. Today (night) is my Dad's death anniversary. Almost forgot. Sheesh, I'm not supposed to go out this 26th. I mean, I went out at the 25th and decided to stay here. So it's not going at at all now is it? I need a bottle of rhum as an offering. What.

Hey, dad. I'll be home soon okay?


  1. there's a reason why you're holding that giant bowl of popcorn.

  2. you guys look so cute on the photos :) and you amaze me.. you were actually doing this post while you guys were on your friend's birthday party? that's cool! :) I can't even manage to do this when my friends are around. hahaha.. XD

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad... :|

    anyway, you guys looked like you had fun... this makes me miss my friends more :) belated happy birthday to Carle. :)

  4. ohh. looks like you and your friends had fun! :) cute photos!! :)


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