Rainy Martini

September 01, 2011

Rainy Martini, Rainy Martini

You can definitely call me Rainy! I'm a 20-year-old Chinese from the Philippines. Oh gosh. I don't feel like telling you stuff about me but I have no choice because the picture is too huge and I have to fill this space lest it will look ugly. I used to love creating profiles but now I think it's kind of meh. Anyway, I've been blogging since 2008, and this blog was born on September 2011. The main purpose of this blog is to, somehow, showcase my passion despite this thing that's going on with me. Very personal. The short of it all is, I don't have my own camera yet and yes, I still run this photoblog. Perhaps I have this personal journey or maybe I'm pretending to be a fictional character who's trying to pursue her dream by doing the shit she loves. In a way, I am pursuing my dreams. Inch by inch. Maybe "inch by inch" is too little but you know what I mean. I don't blog much these days because I am v. v. busy with my v. v. stressful work. I think you oughta know that I play the piano and flute. Someday I might forget my camera shyness and post one of my videos here. Right here. In this wide open scary space called my blog. How do I fill this space ugh it's so annoying. I love custard-flavored desserts, oh no scratch that, I love ALL desserts. I love kawaii stuff. I love hiding my face. I love my boyfriend. I love flicking through lighthearted novels. I love taking photos of random things and people. Yes, I am verrrry creepy. ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Anonymous5/5/12


  2. Damn Rainy Martini...I guess your parents are really strict on you about grounding. You've been grounded for months apparently, lol. Haven't heard from you on Kakao in a while and was just wondering what you've been up to.

    I guess I've found your Blog. And your Vimeo. And apparently you have a facebook fan page too! Soooo popular! :O But I'll probably just check on your blog once in a while (get well soon!) and maybe see what you have on vimeo.

    PS, I don't see any cat ears or whiskers anymore, so I guess you've been cured! xD

    So...yeah. **double clap with left hands**

  3. @W

    LOLOL. HIGH FIVE. Whiskers... goners! Sorry I just read your comment, and FYI I made my stupid vimeo videos private, and I'm not famous omg.

    So how are you? I'm not active on Kakaotalk anymore because some people added me to their groups and I ended up getting tens of thousands of notification wtf.

    *double clap with left hands*

  4. Rainy:

    Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while. I figured you were busy and I think the Philippines' have classes starting soon as well? Or maybe you guys are on vacation. I can never get people around the world's schedule right.

    And bwahahahaha, I've already seen your Vimeo videos, it's too late! No takes back...back take...? Hmm...

    I saw that you really liked stop-motion videos, so I was going to suggest one, but I saw that you already had it liked as well. There are some other cool ones that I'll try sharing though.

  5. @W

    nope. classes started last june. and i'm not going to any school at the moment. :D i'm quite busy though.

    meh i don't mind anyway. :P


    next time if you comment PLEASEU leave any link! :P


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