Rainy Martini

September 29, 2011


Rainy Martini just got home from her four-day vacation at Carle's and Kate's.

I hate to break it to you Rainy, but you have a terribly low alcohol tolerance. Like, you get drunk in three sips. How pathetic! Before your mates run around with their eyes on the clouds, you doze off. You're the utter personification of epic fail.

Ha. It's not like it matters. I just hate it because I lose the chance of laughing with my friends. Like the clowns we are... sigh. And it's so not useful when you go to a party and your grandmothers ask you to drink wine with them and you have to excuse yourself because well, you're drunk. Already. Then the next day you can't touch your skin because it makes it more sensitive. My skin's sensitive all right. I have this rare condition called dermographism and I'm literally a walking canvas. Alcohol makes it worse.

Okay kids I know it isn't right for me to rant about my vulnerability. But it's not like it's my fault anyway.

Aaaand I have nothing to blog about. Nothing. Blangco!


  1. you weakling! *sticks tounge out*

  2. Hello, weakness!
    And lol, I almost forgot about your skin. Must. Draw. Some. Day.

  3. @riri well you weakling-er, your tongue was misspelled :P

  4. @izzie ohai thar bb. draw what someday??? :D

  5. Ohai ;))

    Anything really. I'll take a twig or something and start drawing on your arm. And voila ;))

  6. It is best to drink gin and tonic before your recital. Be it piano or flute.

  7. well it is best for you to bathe in the sun forever. so you die. lalalalala wae you speaking like you used to be? oldie.

  8. ohh. :P I drink too, and I love to do it with my friends. :P
    My alcohol tolerance is not that low, nor very high. But I can manage to control myself naman. :P

    Too bad your skin is too sensitive. Too much alcohol can really ruin our skin, especially those who have sensitive skins like you. :)


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