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March 12, 2015

Them Mushrooms

You might've read on my previous post where I mentioned how I only started drawing last November. So yup, I may have an eye for good colors but I don't think I'm naturally talented in drawing. Lol. Maybe I am if I had started sooner. Like, when I was 4 or something. But I didn't. I never liked drawing until 4 months ago. I had always been a #NORAGRETZ person but that I definitely ragretz.

I took this photo two months ago, I think. This tiny basket is almost full now though. Hurray for colors! I'm addicted to buying Holbein watercolors. Help.

This is the doodle that started it all. I wasn't really planning to use ink for my drawings. I was focused on making my watercolor stuff look like they were painted by a 21-year-old. But then this happened. It was like a phenomenon for me: I ACTUALLY DREW SOMETHING THAT I LIKED. You might not like it but blah I don't care lol. I do. I like it. I was doubtful of myself when I drew the first shroom but I found loving it even more mushroom after mushroom. I also found myself doodling during my office hours. Same mushrooms.

"Mushroom Breather"
watercolor on 5 ½"x 3 ½" Moleskine watercolor paper
Oha kunwari artist na ako
What! What's wrong with pretending to be an actual artist!? Lol
You'll see more of this as you scroll down, sadly

Then my nightshift ended and I found myself waiting for my boyfriend in a clinic's waiting area. I got bored and drew more mushrooms. The photo above was the finished product, and I daresay it was an artistic awakening for me. Or a noob artistic awakening. I'm still a beginner, after all. But it was enough to spark something in me. For the second time in a row, I did something I actually liked. You might eye your roll (see what I did there) but I don't care. For now.

"Not a Real Puzzle"
ink on paper

I was running around like a headless chicken to and from work after I painted the Breather. I didn't have much sleep and I didn't have time to paint or draw properly. When have I painted properly anyway lol. One day I flipped open a tiny notebook filled with brown unruled pages and doodled something mindlessly with a Muji pen. And voila, #hopefullydaily was born! I wanted to do a daily doodle project that would motivate me, but there was no guarantee I could do it every single day. Hence the name.

So let me show you the first set of my #hopefullydaily babies.

"You Want Mah Pokeh?"
Ink on paper

That was my way of quoting my boss. I discovered that he was hiding a box of milk-flavored Pocky inside his jacket lolol and I announced it to everyone. To which he answered, "YOU WANT MA POKEH?"

"Are You Alwrite?"
Ink on paper
Seriously I should stop this
Am I even doing it right lol

Another waiting room moment for me. I was applying for a position at a bank when I drew this. I will forever hate application forms.

"Hand Me the Strawberry"
Okay I'm stopping the "ink on paper" thingy

I'm still struggling with hands. Until now.


I remember drawing her when I was doing my crystal studies! One crystal ended up looking to phallic though.

"Act Naturally"

This was inspired by a Selena Gomez song. The pots were either inspired by Sachiko Umoto's illustration book or what my client wanted for her layout.

"The Hug"

Following the same theme as the previous. This is one of my personal favorites actually.

Okay she doesn't have a title. This is actually a WIP, but maybe I can show you the finished work on a different post.

"Star Jar"
watercolor on 300gsm cold-pressed paper
I'm still at it hahahahaha no way I'd stop
this is actually fun

Another WIP. I don't think I ever got to finish my Star Jar. Oh well. I can always pick it up and add more colors.

Hey I've been coding since 3PM and my head really hurts. I'm taking this time to let you know that you'll see more of my art in the future.

It's more of a warning actually. Breast yourselves.

I meant brace, dammit.

Brace yourselves.


  1. I like the Star Jar and The Hug.
    You should have an art journal!

    erynlliot | http://thedayoferynlliot.blogspot.com/

    1. thank you! I tried creating an art blog but I'm so damn lazy to update lol


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