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June 10, 2014

Marion x Jeca Day!

At the rate my May had gone, it might as well be the highlight of my 2014, but I have no way of foreseeing the future (or do I?) and the following months may beat it. But so far, so good. After the longish trip to Zambales, I went out with my friends literally a day later! Totes unexpected, my dear. I didn't even know we were heading to some photography event. Well, we didn't linger there anyway.

So, like any other spur-of-the-moment friendly outings, I was late! It was held in High Street. Ikr, I like walking around that place. Lots of coffee shops around, and the fact that a ginormous Fully Booked branch is just around is sooo... love. Wo hen love.

Friendly legs.

There's Marion! I have yet to help him fix his blog layout. Hahaha.

Such a shame. I know I'm still having a hard time knowing what's straight and what is not. I've always had this problem with orientations anyway. Not sexual. I'm one thousand percent sure I'm straight, although I wouldn't mind being gay, too.

Whose name is that hmm I wonder... well, the best thing about the event was the loot bag. Like I always say, totes unexpected. I registered and then they handed me a PRETTY canvas bag with a hand-dawn camera on it, and inside was a lens tumbler I had always wanted to get!! AWESOME, RIGHT? Not for you, maybe. I mean you weren't there, so how'd you know lolol. Just be happy for me! Not even kidding. Ok I'm kidding.

And the Walking Dead artist was also there. Charlie Adlard.

Still not straight. LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH MY HANDS. Or eyes. Oh by the way, I do appreciate that you guys like the quality of the pictures I post, because IF YOU ONLY KNEW how hard it was given the equipment I have. I think I've already mentioned this before. I'm using a Sony Xperia C. C as in cute, C as in cute Rainy. Anyway, I'm using an Xperia C, and yeah, good quality under awesome lighting. But the worst part, worse than the fact that I cannot shoot properly under a simple incandescent lighting, is that the shutter has like a 2-5 sec lag before it captues the picture. With no image stabilization. I do hope you know what I'm talking about. THAT MEANS BLURRY PHOTOS 90% OF THE TIME because of my shaky hands. But knowing me, I want good photos and I get it. Well, sometimes. Lol.

We were stached. Heehee.

Some nyummy-looking macarons for sale inside SM Aura. I have this thing with macarons. I think I'm more takaw-tingin when I see them. Because every time my boyfriend (see told you I'm straight) and I purchase a bunch, I just take a bite and make him finish everything off. I just like how they look like. I dunno. Totes unexpected, as I would say.

Lame OOTD attempt. Which is a sin, I mean I was in the ladies! Eh, I just want you to notice the patterned bra I was wearing. My Bart Simpson top was more or less see-through which was fab! What. I find it fab. And no I don't just flash my bra when I feel like it.

Jeca's hot chocolate from CBTL.

I'm obviously not a very huge fan of taking selcas, or selfies, as normal people would call it. And neither are they. But for the sake of reminding ourselves that hey, we went and saw each other, here goes.

See, I told you so.

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  1. I like your shirt (I mean I can only see half of it but it looks nice) and doodles (?)

    You see, you don't have to be straight to be attracted to the opposite sex winks winks


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