Rainy Martini

June 06, 2014

Rainy Drives to Zambales III

So now where at the third part. Sad sad sad. I took less pictures than expected, and I don't know whether it was because I was having mega fun or the fact that I didn't have an SD card for my phone. Nonetheless, nonetheless. At the very least I was able to blog blog blog about this trip. I have an upcoming entry about my Ilocos trip but with Rainy Martini, who knows how long it'll take?

I purchased a bunch of keychains. Not because I wanted souvenirs haha. They were cheap and colorful, like who would have the heart to refuse colors? Ok maybe everybody else. But I'm not everybody else. I'm someone else. Or maybe I'm just else.

Oopsie. You still can't see my retro-style swimsuit. Too bad. Too bad. This was taken before we rode the boat for an island-hopping.

Everybody including me!

There it is! The "island" was so small it was as if a mountain just popped it out of its bumhole or something. Poop.

Ohai turtle. I gave this to Niko.

I don't know why this photo is here because it should've been on the second part! Hahaha. This baby followed me around when I was walking towards the edge of the island that morning.

Another one of my purchases! Beautiful, eh? SAY YES. SAY YES YOU FREAKING...

Oh look, baby turns out to be a hotdog dog!

Anyway, going back to the island... we headed there to do the actual "team building" thingy, because it was a team-building event. As it turned out.

Them girls. With Rainy.

I was lovin' the chunky baby island sand!

The scary thing about the place is errrr. Remember when I wrote that this "island" was like a mountain's poop? Well, it might as well be. I'm not sure how artificial that place is because the surrounding waters, around 8 yards from the shore, are shallow. Could be 4-5 feet deep, but go further than 8 yards and there'd be a forty-foot drop into the ocean. Yeap. The 8-yard space was awesome though. There were corals and I snorkeled for a little while.

I'm still having problems taking straight photographs.

See what I mean? Scary, right? Anyway, we also saw a black 'n white water snake.

More saaaaaaaaaaaand.

And this was the game portion. Hahaha. We won! We won. Credits to Niko, because one of the challenges there was to call a friend and ask them to make animal sounds that are on the list. Good thing I brought my phone! Weird though, because we haven't gotten our prizes up til now. Lol. We were doing our team jingle when this was taken.

Group shot before leaving!

And here's a photo of the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyy cute Pickle to end this series nicely.

I honestly want to go on another vacation. Thank goodness I went out a lot last May. Like I said, a miracle for the slightly antisocial. No, I don't think I'm a shy person. It's more of because I think it's a chore to get out there and you know, socialize. Don't get me wrong, I like having friends, but I have this general distrust on people, although I'd give everything to have a group of people I am most comfortable with. For now, this will do. I am happy with the number of people I talk to.

If stress could just walk away... from... me.


  1. omgggg that hotdog dog is so cuteeee *_* ahh and that chunky sand pic is gorgeous omg! What camera do you use for photography? Your skills are amazeballs! idksupriya.blogspot.com xx

  2. Stranger stranger stranger stranger stranger stranger !


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