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June 15, 2014

Rainy x Ilocos: Away To Paoay!

Good day, kids! Today we'll talk about how the great legendary Rainy Martini spent her time in Ilocos. The legend is pretty much a stranger in her own country. Having no sense of direction, she travels the land and the seas with the moonlight guiding her. Or the sunlight, in this case.

And this is where I cut the crap hahaha. I've been yammering about this trip in this blog for weeks! Like I said a few seconds ago, I'm a stranger in my own homeland. Thanks to my laziness, and my fear of travelling by land. I've always been afraid of driving along the mountainside and cliffs, and because we have a lot of those here, I choose to stay put! I live in the country's capital, by the way. My mother loved to travel around some provinces when I was a kid, but I don't think I ever enjoyed any of those trips because well, I was shit scared.

Good thing the trip started at night, I didn't have a choice but to not see what road we were taking, and although I am a person of the night, I fell asleep in the coaster. I was seated next to, voila, Niko. It was funny because he couldn't sleep, so I lent him my pink leopard-printed sleeping mask and floral shawl. And I was wearing his deep brown jacket which I love. (And kinda ruined. Sorry!)

First official stop in Ilocos: Mario's Restaurant. I'm bad with names, so I'm not sure if that's what the place is officially called. I forgot to mention that this was a company-hosted outing, and I was with my boyfriend's family and colleagues.

The drive to Ilocos started at night, around 10PM. We arrived at the restaurant at around, hmm, 8AM? Maybe 9. Not sure.

Awesome weather? Wait 'til you see the new tan I got! On top of my natural tan. Hahaha. After food time we met our first tour guide named Janice. Or was it Janis? I don't know. I didn't know a single shit about the place I was at, but I was expecting it would be interesting for me, since it was the north-est I've traveled in my own country.

First tour stop: Paoay. Ilocos amazingly has its own sand dunes. Its not normal in my country, fyi. But I'm pretty glad we have one. Janice said people refer to it as our "Little Dubai", which makes me wonder why they used Dubai instead of Egypt. I mean, fine, I've always been addicted to Egyptology and pharaohs and stuff, but when I hear "Dubai" I think of buildings and cosmopolitan, not an empty desert. Maybe when they added "Little", they were referring to a freaking tiny spot in Dubai. Whatever that is. Could be your neighbor's foreign husband's backyard.

The place had been the setting of some classic Filipino films like Panday and Himala. Months back, my hun bought some book about Ricky Lee's Himala, starring Nora Aunor. I think the book was about the filmography. I'm not sure and ehh I'm too lazy to ask. So anyway, we set out to find the Himala tree. If you're from somewhere else I'm sure you won't know what the hell I'm talking about hahaha. But keep scrolling, keep scrolling.

"I have the power to create and destroy, but first, I moustache you a quesiton."

Awesome view, and the sun almost at its prime.

Some desert friends I got to meet. What, I talk to plants! THEY'RE MY FRIENDS. THEY ARE MY PEOPLE.

There was also a sandboarding option in this venue, but we chose to just walk and take photos.

More friends I got to meet: dried animal poop. THEY ARE MY PEOPLE, TOO! What's with that look? You're hurting the poop's filling! Oh god I'm so bad at puns.

Enter me so you can scale the location's size. Hahaha. I look so ugly in this shot. Not that you can see my face, but it's my face so I'm the one who gets to decide.

More "landscape" shots.

And more friends and people.

"I will not shave the question for later. I moustache you the question!"

My favorite photo of the bunch, not counting the moustache pics I now use as wallpapers. This was taken right below the tree my hun and I were headed to. We dumbos actually thought it was the same tree that they used in the film. So we painstakingly walked the sands, met with some poop and plants (THEY ARE MY PEOPLE) and put our skin to risk, thanks to the sun, for nothing! Or not. I'm sure it was not nothing. I got my photos, I got to laugh with my love. Rewarding enough, right?

We then headed back to the coaster's parking area and ran to our seats. It was sweltering hot that day.

Hello beautiful.

The view from my seat. I managed to snag the window seat, yes. Not that we fought over it. Heehee.

And hahahaha I brought some of my baby minions with me!

So there went my Paoay experience. We left shortly after and headed to MalacaƱang ti Amianan, which I will show on my next post!

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  1. OMG YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERFECT! ASJKSJKSJ Mine doing a tutorial please omg on how you angle and stuff? Because I suck at it! :( xx Loved the sand dunes thing haha x idksupriya.blogspot.com


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