Rainy Martini

December 20, 2013

And the mall was... rainy

I think this was on Friday or Saturday. I went to ToyCon with my friend Ellia because I missed attending hobby-related cons. This is an image-heavy post. I think it would've been forgivable if the photos had supreme quality. I know they don't because my annoying phone is annoying. At least I got to take pictures... right?

Totoro turned out to be Gel's brother! Hodge Podge had a booth and I missed it the first time I entered the venue.

You might have noticed that in the first picture, a piece was missing from the ring set that was for sale. IT WAS BECAUSE I ALREADY BOUGHT IT.


Of course there were Totoro stuff everywhere! A booth also sold some chibi Game of Thrones goodies but I couldn't find a Daenerys button pin. I had to settle with Cersei and make peace with her. She'll be in my bag for months, after all. So, Cersei, I don't hate you anymore. Haha.

Ellia actually came with a bunch of Whovians (Doctor Who fanatics). I didn't know they were her companions because she asked for some photos!

Of course the 4th regenaration gave us some jelly babies.


My Hodge Podge purchase was a Rilakkuma ID buddy!

My hauls so far. I also bought a Rilakkuma chikara hat. The event was at the topmost floor of Megamall. We went down to sit at the foodcourt and drink some water, which we didn't find easily.

Came back up and that was when I realized that the Whovians that we took pictures with earlier were actually her friend's friends. HAHAHAHA.

Selcas at the foodcourt. This should have been shown first before the Doctor Who photo above. Too lazy. Meh.

That's Geanne wearing a fez. I don't know which Doctor regeneration she was playing. I'm not a Whovian. I feel so cray cray because these pictures would've been nice if I had a nice device. Fuuuck.

I couldn't help it. Ellia was dressed up as Amy. I was cosplaying me. Huhuhuhuhu.


ICHIGO! OMG VAIZARD ICHIGO. I'm such a Bleach fanatic. I MEAN I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH IT YEARS AGO. Still am, but not that much. I was actually surprised when my heart jumped seeing the cosplayer. I approached him like a little girl... "heehee can I heehee take a picture with Ichigo?" THEN HE NODDED. I was trying to copy his pose but I ended up touching my nose wtf. I hate you Rainy.

Ellia and I had to part because Nel and Janine arrived at the mall. We didn't really do much. Just walked around and watched Nel make her purchases.

I just realized that my face was showing earlier in this post. I don't have time to cover it anymore!! Why oh whyyyyyy. I might go to future con events. I don't know, I just LOVE buying from those awesome booths that sell awesome stuff.


  1. Pretty selfies ;-)

  2. those rings and buttons are so cute i cant evenã…¡

  3. And you think I know a lot about Doctor Who, hun? :p

  4. I still lol hard everytime I remember you realizing I was one of them.

  5. I'm cosplaying as the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). With a fez. Because fezzes are cool. :)

  6. I was a little confused because there's this mall nearby my place also called Megamall LOLOL. And Comic Fiesta is this weekend back in Malaysia! I'm also excited to go buy some awesome stuff from the booths!!! 8D


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