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July 27, 2015

Photodump! Yay?

I have more random photos for you guys. Well, a weekly (or in my case, monthly. Or monthsly, since it takes me months to update these days) collective photos is fine for the lazy ass. But said lazy ass should at least have the courtesy to chronologically arrange things. Which is not happening today.

That sushi illust was only drawn yesterday morning after I got off from work. I would've been satisfied with it but I messed up my hiragana characters and now there's no taking it back! Haha. Remember: think before you ink.

But I cut those guys out! Seeeee!

Note from 07/27/15: I wrote the words above three weeks ago, and I don't have the exact date. This post sat in my drafts for that amount of time and I'm only finishing it now. Haha. 

I went to Pico de Loro again with my boyfriend and his family for the long weekend. I thankfully didn't have work on Independence Day so I seized the opportunity and went bitching. I mean beaching.

Lololololol I can't remember where I got this from, but this was during my stint as a Yelp scout. Wait. Oh, it's in Makati. That was taken right after my pre-employment medical certification. I had two hours to kill so I decided to walk past the usual places I go to in Makati and got lost, which isn't new. Apparently.

And this, I was supposed to use this as my new blog header. I've been wanting to change it for MONTHS now and for some reason I still haven't. The piece was going okay until I stupidly decided to add a fucking baby bird which ruined everything. No offense to baby birds, they're awesome and cute but the one that I drew? Ugh.

Earthings! got invited to Up Dharma Down's private music video launch for their new single. I would blog about it in the future but you can read more about it here and here. Niko got to interview them for a couple of minutes, and I unfortunately didn't get to take a photo with Armi, because I was in a bad mood by the time she walked past me and I averted my gaze when she made eye contact. I snobbed an awesome singer. Whyyyy.

Most antique shops in Cubao Expo sell vintage cameras.

The district I work at tries so hard to errrr promote art and creativity, despite the very corporate air the place has. I kinda like it.

A matcha latte for the flu-infested girl. I'm not even sure if sick people should drink coffee.

Some of my new work colleagues.

Uhm, yeah. My first whole-body photo of me on a sunbed. Yay yay? Nay?

Some purchases again, I got to buy more pens but I'll blog about it some other time. Hey why don't I make a post about my favorite pens? Ohohoho.

Meet Peach! He was given to us by our neighbor but he fell sick a few days in. I then had to have him confined in the vet for around four days just to save him. He had anemia and infection and it really was heartbreaking to see him all huddled up, shaking. But he's in good health now. I'm also thinking about renaming him Pitch instead lolol because I thought he was a female!! See I gots no eyes for balls. Hahaha.

Yeah this section close! Do nots opens.

This is the watercolor-and-ink piece that I gave Reese. Kick me for not writing a short message at the back. I didn't know if I should or not but I should've at least written something like "To Reese" hahaha.

I'm not sure if this is the finished-finished version because I always do last-minute inking, but it's finished enough.

I worked on her on the same day, but I only got to finish the whole piece a couple of days later.

Finished. I didn't like it at the time, but the indigo background faded a bit and it looks naisu!!

Pretty succulents. I'd really want to own some of them but I'm way too paranoid. What if they die under my care? I think a person is super fail if a plant like that dies on them hahahaha.

A doodle from months back, right before I "stopped" drawing for a couple of weeks or so due to errrrrr personal issues.

And yes, you get to have a cake. That slice of red velvet(!) isn't as good as it looks though. The actual cake was dry but the white chocolate and cream cheese were obviously of good quality. Maybe I got a previous day's leftover? Huhuhu.

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