Rainy Martini

July 06, 2013

Chasing... potatoes?

"Let's start off by telling everyone that my girlfriend chased those freaking banana-potato creatures yesterday inside the mall squealing 'MIYEENS! MINYEEEENS I WANT MINYEEENS!' over and over again and never mind the people watching. She was invisible. Or invincible."

"She got her wish. She got to take a photo of them. I think she looked like the one on the left but she has two human eyes. Crap. I wish my girlfriend had one eye."

"Then she was like 'HUN TAKE A PHOTO OF US TAKEAPHOTOSUF PUHLEASE' and I was like 'heh okay' and I snapped away. Didn't even care if the photo was out of focus or not. Didn't even care if the angle made her belly bloat or what."

"The two-eyed minion was considering suicide after being seen with Rainy. Imagine getting chased by a screaming nineteen-year-old! Oh, I know how it feels. I know all right. *snigger*"

Those are Niko's POVs. No lol. Those are the thoughts that I thought he was having that time hahaha.

I wanted to buy a McDonald's Happy Meal so I could get myself a minion. Every branch I went to ran out of stock. Shit. And yesterday I kept telling Niko that I wanted a minion so I could take a picture of it. We were walking around Shang-ri La plaza and we just had lunch and then boom. MINYEEEENS!!!

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