Rainy Martini

July 10, 2013

you, me, us (pt. 1)

We call it team-building. If you're out drinking with your friends or workmates, you call it team-building. If you're all committed to reaching a certain goal with your group, you call it team-building. Anything that creates bond is team-building. I think. Well, reading the word "team-building" might paint some images of you and your friends crawling on the mud or participating in a triathlon because that's how the resort flyers define it. Either way, it builds a bond and that's the whole point of a team-building activity. So whether you're out shopping or up in the mountains hammering your tents, you're... well, team-building. We had our fair share of the said activity last month, when we rented out some private pool thingy in Laguna on our payday.

Ellia and her kawaii Totoro purse. I soooo want one.

"Mr. Rented Van Driver, please arrive already!" we waited for at least three hours before the van arrived. Ugh.

It was a very humid Thursday morning. Also, it was the first day of my period for the month. Now I know you're being grossed out like "why does she have to let us know that it was her first day? Rainy you're so gross." It's a highlight! No I did not stain my shorts but it was the highlight of my day. You'll find out why later.

Melody and Jhona. I'm not sure if they fancy seeing their photos here but meh. Evil is evil/

See, these folks couldn't wait for the entire lunch to be cooked!

If I were them I would've done the same thing: pretend to be pretending to eat food for the sake of pictures and actually eat it. What, it's for the pictures! *evil laugh*

Hahahaha. Another workmate. A nice soft-spoken dude..tte. No, dude. He's Gayta. We did some "FHM shots" on the rooftop. Excuse me. Excuse me. Hahaha.

"So where exactly are you, Rainy?" There... there! There!! See my legs? Hahaha. No? How about my hair?

My boss and his girlfriend. Or wife. I'm not sure to be honest. Haha. Whaaat? I'm just a newbie!

There were games and prizes as well but I never got to join any of it because I was upstairs wailing in pain! Remember when I mentioned that it was my first day? Dys-me-no-rrhe-a!! At first it wasn't painful. Just plain old disturbance below my tummy. While we were in a huddle and my boss was telling us inspiring stuff (which wasn't boring because he's a real derp), pain gripped me. Right then and there! It felt as if there was a knot in my puson! My legs hurt, veins were suddenly visible on my hands and feet, and my thighs felt as if they were punched by some moron who doesn't know how to! I didn't even know I was crying already. SO yeah Gayta assisted me up the staircase and left me inside my room to cry. Perhaps I looked as if I was really suffering because they were thinking about bringing me to the hospital. It was hell, I'm telling you.

Gayta again. This was before the huddle.

Candy crush!! Haha. I was trying to take a photo of Ellia's hard candies (by Made in Candy (omg they're here in the PH. Here in the PH and I don't have to ask my friends in SG to go purchase me one omg omg) and the freaking pot fell hahaha.


I fell asleep in pain. Niko woke me up five or six hours later by making a phone call. I swear I whined like a freaking baby over the phone. "HUUUN IT WAS SO PAINFUL I TELL YOU. SO PAINFUL!!!" It wasn't long before Ellia and Roxy came to our room to check on me. They filled me in about what happened. There were games. Ate Ehm slipped, our boss was laughing at her and ended up falling face-flat on the floor himself. Caught on video. Roxy slipped. They were all laughing, which made me feel a lil bit jealous because I missed everything. My work buddies are funny people.

The pool. Of course these were taken before my breakdown.

AND YEAH. I ENDED UP SWIMMING AFTER WAKING UP LOL. I was told not to swim because it would cause me more pain but thankfully it didn't. Yeap, I'm from the Philippines. It's normal not to wear a bikini when swimming. Heehee. I did wear a tiny top with a thin fabric though. My bra was fabulous and it would be such a waste!

So the first part's over!! Watch out for the second part because it has better photos. Or so I think.

Also, I think my giveaway already ended lmfao. I'm not really sure. I'm soooo busy sleeping after work I rarely check my blog!

Guess what? I'm going back to sleep.


  1. 有时候最小的事可以占据你心里最多的位置。 Also, poor Xiao Yan. 我希望与你的一切都很好。

  2. @Shawn bu yao dan xin. wo hen hao! :D


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