Rainy Martini

March 17, 2013


Errr... hi. I'm still here. I exist. Been busy with my work life. A week before Riggs came here, I went to try IHOP out. International House of Pancakes. Yes, I was alone and I wasn't with anyone.

Attention: I edited this post because I've been told that this post lacks something. I don't know what it lacks and I'm too lazy to blah blah but oh well. Heehee. Also, I miss getting snarky here. So scroll down down, no, not that down (or else you'd reach your own hoohah) and read my amazing captions. Lol.

Yummy Heinz tomato ketchup for my strawberry crepe. I swear. It tasted sooo nice. Try it. HAHAHA.

The view from my seat.

It took me two hours to get a table because it was so damn crowded there. Yes, I was alone.

Hey kids! This is called the menu. Or men-new. Or menoo. Whatever you call it.

IHOP Splashers. I ordered the fizzy berry one and the Fatso got the lemony one. I regretted ordering the berry and even dared stealing his beverage for myself. In the end we decided to rock-paper-scissors. But nothing happened because I errrr. I know this is hard to believe but I said, "no it's okay."

But I swear I was alone. LOL.

I am seriously besotted with this photo. This is my current phone wallpaper.

Some pancake sauces. I never got to try anything out because well, I used ketchup. Hahahaha!

This is supposed to be a crepe but I find nothing crepe-y here. Or is it just me?

New York cheesecake pancake or whatever. I mean, Dear Cheesecake Pancake: make up your mind. What the heck are you really?

The reason why I'm gaining weight.

And this, my children, is a classic example of a sky! It's a sky. Amazing eh?

And here's the errrrrr bustiest couple photo ever. But I sweaaar I was alone.

Teaser for the next post! Played around with the Whipple kit I received last Valentine's.

There you go.


  1. Anonymous17/3/13

    Those look really delicious! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Everything looks absolutely delicious, suddenly I'm so hungry. OTL And I would NEVER even think about ketchup with strawberry because just....what....but now that you've posted this, the tangy and sweet flavour DOES seem like a really good match. :0

  3. Surprising how you got to IHOP alone. You didn't get lost? At all? Haha. I love their savory crepes.

  4. Look delicious! The closes iHop to me is a 2 hour drive unfortunately, but i will definitely add that to my one day to-do list :) And yes, we can see that you were definitely alone!

  5. Anonymous18/3/13

    that is why you have so many followers and people liking your blog even though they don't talk to you much. like me. i'm scared. but you are so funny and awesome!


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