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February 12, 2015


If we're Facebook or Instagram friends, you might have already noticed that a glittery pink ukulele had suddenly surfaced on my photos. That's right! I got me a ukulele not too long ago.

Ever since I got it, though, my baby nephew wouldn't shut up until he gets it on his hands. That adorable blob!!

First ever photo taken when I was buying it impulsively. Best. Impulse. Purchase. Ever. Mostly because it's pink! Just kidding. It's a Mahalo U2K. The only complaint I have is sometimes I wish I got a brown one and that the tuning keys don't hold much. I know this is a basic thing with string instruments but I have to tune my strings more often. Other than that I'm happy with it.

And so is my nephew.

I taught him how to strum one day so he wouldn't bang my uke on the floor or sit on it or kiss it or whatever it is he does to his pillows. Because he did all of those. But the moment I played it in front of him, he stopped and grabbed it like a real badass baby. Of course he cannot play but at least he knows how to work the wrists and everything. Badass.

See! I told you! And look at that concentrating face. That blobby one-year-old!

Did I mention he likes to pluck my guitar strings too? Oh yes he does.

One night at a park-ish place in Cubao. I was with Janine and she had her guitar with her.

Chococro x Uke

After-shift drinks. My workmates didn't care about me playing at all lol. Ouch ouch but oh well.

I was playing the Moon Song in this photo.

There's a tiny cafe in Cubao X (or Cubao Expo) that's dedicated to these tiny stringy babies. It's a very intimate cafe that also sells ukulele, ukulele strings, ukulele bags, ukulele straps, ukulele tuners. Lolololol. Not to mention some Manic Panic products. Now I know where to get one when I want to get a crazy haircolor.

And btw the photo above was captioned "1SEME" on Ellia's facebook post HAHAHAHA. Naughty naughty.

They also host a free workshop where you gather with everyone else you likely don't know (that's what happened to me, except I was with Ellia. But hey I got there first and I was feeling so awkward). The place was packed and it was, again, intimate. Skin-to-skin. We weren't getting naked or something lol. The place was so tiny but that was hardly a problem back then. All we needed was our wrists, after all.

I'm planning to get the concert or long-neck soprano uke I'm saving for from that place. They're locally-made and they use good wood. I support local stuff.

I told you the place is packed.

Idk how he got my paintbrush but there he was. Thanks for the free cleaning babeh,

Nephew and auntie bonding. I hope he grows up musically-inclined. Hoping against hope his young parents will make good decisions for him. Sign him up for private music lessons, I say!

You should expect my pink uke to pop up every now and then on my blogposts. Unless I get a new one, which would be suhweeeeet.

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