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February 01, 2015

Life After Workshop

Yesterday I attended Alessa's watercolor for beginners workshop. She's the woman behind the super artsy blog lifeafterbreakfast.ph! Alessa started holding workshops since she was 16. The venue was located in Mother Ignacia St., which I wasn't very familiar with lol. Anyway, I still got there an hour early and realized how hungry I was. The street was... I dunno. I was frantically looking for stores or even a carinderia because my stomach was already cursing me. Thank goodness for the Family Mart branch I discovered after 15 minutes of walking.

Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar is apparently inside a garden center, which was nice because nature was calling me lmao and there I was, one with them. Lololjk. Just kidding. Although it was tempting to try  and cover myself behind those leaves while I take the phone call from nature, I shouldn't. And I didn't feel like it anyway I'm just really kidding.

She's one of the workshop participants, and although I didn't capture her name, I know she's from UP studying Graphic Design or something. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hahaha. Oh god I should be more stalkery.

I entered the cafe and was greeted by these handouts and the star of the day: A 24-COLOR SAKURA KOI WATERCOLOR SET. I live in a place where Sakura Koi isn't widely available, that's why I was thrilled. And I was expecting an 18-color set. Instead we got 24!! Awesome right. I realized how much funds I waste buying artist colors that I don't really need yet. So having this set is a really great help for me. It's academic grade but it's not like I get commissions anyway.

Only catch was my seating. I chose a seat that was a bit far from the window, hence the bad lighting for most of my shots. Anyway.

I didn't get to photograph the first segment where we do basic washes and glazes. You can see my dirty work in this photo, on the upper right corner. Then Alessa gave us yet another photocopied handout and had us paint our own mushrooms. Me being me, I didn't listen and ignored the reference she provided (that's her own work up there, the set of mushrooms you see). She also printed some Google-imaged mushroom photos at the back, which I ignored with flying colors too. Slap me. I didn't know I was ignoring them until I realized that my mushroom looked nothing like them haha. But it's not like she required us to copy the references down to the very tiny shadow anyway. Of course. That's what I like about art instructors, they give you enough freedom.

I was watching my paint dry. Literally.

Aaaand my work! Should I be proud of it? Lol. I needed more time gooosh I'm such a slow painter. I didn't get to finish it and I should be working on it now that I'm home but I'm not. I'll keep that piece forever to remind me of my beginner days once I'm famous and being interviewed by publications LMFAO. I'm kidding. A girl can dream, can't she? Hahahahahahahaha seriously just ignore my daydreams.

That's Zianne's work. She's a 13-year-old letterer.

Next activity was to go out, photograph any plan you like and to use them as a reference for your next painting.

But me being me for the nth time, I lolled around and snapped whatever, thinking of how I was gonna edit them with VSCO Cam and Afterlight and do I post them on Instagram or not?

If I had an SLR I would've taken a stunning photo of this flower.

Ooooh guys what is this called? Sooo pretty.

Baby plants!

Succulents! THEY'RE SO PRETTY.

I seriously want to buy a pot wtf. I regret not getting one. I want succulents!!! I might drop by again and get those babies. They're so beautiful.

Uhm, I seriously don't know what this is called. Is this rosal? I'm so bad at this. I need another botany lesson.

Baby sunflower!

Everyone else was looking for something to paint.

Hi there. I don't know what to type here uggh. Seriously.

We only had 5 minutes (for real) to take those photographs so imagine how fast Rainy was. Awesome. I went back and was greeted with a plate of heaven. I love their buttery veggies and organic chicken wings! And the pasta!!

Alessa also started taping our finished works to the wall.

The pair of friends who giggled at the mushroom photos. I know it was them two. Nothing wrong with it but that's what I remember about them two. I enver got to see their works though. I'm so jealous of their seats. LOOK AT THE NATURAL LIGHT HUHUHU.

Yummy-looking juices. I didn't get to taste their vanilla creamsicle.

Everybody's! Look for mine! My favorites are the 5th and 6th from left and the one below the 6th (the red-umbrella mushroom). Niko's favorite is obviously the second last from the first row HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This is Tin's final work. We only had 15 minutes to paint our last activity before we were sent home. Three hours was not enough! I wanted to stay longer. Seriously 15 minutes is just paint-drying time for the most part. I wanted to learn more!! So if she does hold a level-2 watercolor workshop, I might join again! If I had the funds, that is. I hope I do by the time she makes her announcement. I'm also looking out for Valerie Chua's workshop. I hope she holds a level 2 or something that isn't for beginners and I hope I see the announcement on time.

So uhhh the lolling around gave me a problem: I didn't know what to paint so I ended up sketching some succulents. This is the reference photo which should've been in this post because it's pretty but it wasn't uploaded for some reason and now I don't have the time to.

The iced tea was weirdly refreshing. I couldn't pinpoint what it tasted like. It had calamansi, but somehow it made me expect that there was sago in it too.

Zianne trying to habol her piece.

Then I suggested we ask Alessa for photos and here it is. HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm just kidding hahaha here's the real, decent photo. Well not so decent because I look weird. Wait, I am weird.

I sadly had to go home and I sadly didn't know how to so I ended up going to Cubao Expo and bought some cheap postcards.

Then I spent some time inside Krispy Kreme, because I take forever to eat. I painted while I was at it. The Sakura Koi set we were given includes a waterbrush which is FANTASTIC. I can now paint anywhere! Yay yay. Only catch is you can't really do the drybrush technique for details because the water keeps coming out even if you don't push it. But still! Yay.

So I totally missed the part where I should've said how interested I have been in arts for the past few months. I mean I had always admired watercolor pieces and I did paint once but I never thought of doing it myself because I totally suck at drawing. But I don't have to not suck at drawing, I think I'm okay with colors. I might be good at it so who knows. I'll just practice more. I will do a post about my rediscovered love for watercolors. Soon.

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