Rainy Martini

January 23, 2015

MAD Fest 2014 pt. 2

I wish I took better photos here but my poor Sony Xperia C couldn't handle the darkness. Haha. Oh, this is the second part. The part where I felt like collapsing. It was also the part where Kimbra came out. I kept telling myself it was worth it hahaha. I mean it was. Is. But I was already suffering at that point and I wasn't able to enjoy her performance. So that's how it feels like to be in a music fest early, that's how it feels like to be adamant on keeping our front-row spots.

A quick crowd photo. Everyone was butt-to-belly or butt-to-crotch with everyone.

A little selca while waiting for Kimbra. Excuse our faces but this has to be here.

Damn phone. But that blob of light is Kimbra herself singing Teen Heat.

She had that sea urchin-looking coat (at least that's what it looked like from my POV that night. Or maybe a spiky sponge. She also reminded me of those huge images of saints you see in churches. Hahaha. I told my friend, "mukha siyang santa!". Not Santa Claus lol. Santa as in saint. A female saint.

She shrugged it off then boom! I fucking love that metal-foil-or-tinsel cocktail dress. It was so pretty! Save for the backdrop. I think it was horrible. It made her look more like a saint lol because the backdrop looked like stained glass in churches. Lol.

She was putting it back on. Sea urchin time! Actually these photos were captured sneakily. The local media personnel were shooed by another security group and they also prevented the crowd from taking photos. They shone flashlights and even blocked my boyfriend's camera with their hands. The main guy looked so much like our director at work lol. They both resembled The Rock. Nevertheless I was able to take shots. There's no way I wouldn't Nuh-uh.

Stand by for our commercial lololol. Jk. I love light leaks. If you're a blogosphere friend of mine you should know that by now.

More songs. As you can see she performed on the upper part of the stage. The first portion of the stages where local artists played was lower. Kimbra herself said "I wish ya'll were closer," or maybe it wasn't "ya'll". I must've misheard. Hahahahaha. Why, did the organizers think they'd have a very misbehaved crowd who'd climb the barriers and stuff? Well, that happens. Better be safe. It's not like I could get to see her from that distance in the flesh every day anyway.

She was singing Cameo Lover here. I know because of those hand gestures.

And then she said buh-bye and hahaha we got out of that huge ocean full of people. I thought I could take my precious seat at the bar with the barrel but no. More torture. Niko didn't want to leave yet because he met with a friend very briefly and Dale bought us cokes. I bought myself a hotdog. I sat on the floor. We stayed that way for a few more minutes and hehehe. Went home.

I wish my legs weren't time. The venue was fun. There were live art demos all over and I wanted to watch the artists work!!

What I actually want is to experience something like that again this year. Hopefully.


  1. "It's not like I could get to see her from that distance in the flesh every day anyway."

    Dale. Was. Much. Closer.

  2. "butt to crotch" HAHAHAHHAHA


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